July fishing

July is the perfect time to sit by the river with a fishing rod, but the fish caught at this time?

The July heat did little to encourage good fishing. What would it have been more effective, it is better to go fishing when overcast but warm weather. Will bite, when there is rain. July the best fishing is early morning, when the first rays of the sun. At this time, the water has not had time to warm up, this explains a good biting. For example, some species of fish such as bream, perch or Chub perfectly caught at night.

However, not all fish is low in heat, for example, fishing for carp and carp are very effective, since an increase in water temperature are active. Because of this, many fishermen are waiting for July that would «hunt» for different fish. Also in July, caught gudgeon, ruff, bream, though slightly worse than in June. Roach and perch is no exception, but to catch the best, you should try choosing a bait.

For what would the July the fishing was much more successful, it is necessary to give preference to a combination of fishing. Use a piece of peas when fishing for IDE, is the perfect bait. Just as good in July caught a carp, he prefers to bite on worm, bread and maggots. Tench to catch on the shell. Rudd, in July, well caught on float tackle. Bait for fishing: dragonfly, beetle and other insects.

Who like to go fishing on a July dawn, rejoice catching roach. The best fishing of the roach in July, of course, in the morning and in the evening at sunset. It is also possible to fish in the daytime, but only with the condition that there will be cloudy weather. Going «hunting» for roach, it is necessary to consider, large specimens, about thirty centimeters, standing at the limit of the growth of algae in quiet water. Best tackle when fishing for roach in the July time, your fly rod. Of the nozzles is preferable to use greens, bread, grasshopper.

IDE, prefers to stay at the borders of the algae. And loves the bays and backwaters with low flow or no deep places. For successful fishing is the best use of spinning. As a nozzle use the small spoon, fry the ridge.

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