Izhevsk horizontally,a review of popular models

Izhevsk arms factory was built on the orders of Emperor Paul I, which was designed exclusively for the production and manufacture of small arms type. For serial production, was created by serial square and cycles that differed from other existing weapons factories huge concentration of production capacity.

Already in 1812, just before the outbreak of hostilities on the still unfinished plant has launched production line of models of small arms and bladed type, which was supplied to the needs of the Russian army. It is the team of masters of Izhevsk plant was the design and typing of all parts of the guns, which are pretty weighty contribution to the development, design and production of weapons.

Specifications IZH-41

Izhevsk horizontally,a review of popular models

About the gun IZH-41 little is known in our time. And this fact is worthy of regret, as the gun is worthy to know about it and said. This model has been developed and released for sale at the end of the last century. All working parts of this horizontal double barrel shotgun original, have a fairly simple design and have a number of advantages, not characteristic of their predecessors. The main feature of this model can be called the universality of the descent of hooks, each of which can run perfectly on two guns.

The ejector of this model can work for both barrels from the same spring. The ejection of spent cartridges carried out automatically, and the patron, if necessary, removal of leaves at a sufficient height, which greatly facilitates and speeds up its replacement. This model is also characterized by safety, automation, locks the sear and the lock barrels double type.

Specifications IZH-43

Izhevsk horizontally,a review of popular models

IZH-43 was the next model is of horizontal type, which was preceded by such products as post-war production of IZH-26 and IZH-49, IZH-54 and IZH-58. This range of models has horizontally placed barrels, was the result of the modernization of the IZH-58 MA. At the end of the last century, the plant in Izhevsk launched production models 43 and 43 Those that were equipped with USM. But the decision was taken in quite difficult, for the country, and for the production of the perestroika period, in which the management of the company has stopped production of this series of models. The factory began to produce only a small batch of these models under the order. The issue of horizontal patterns 43 and 43e was extended, but with the use of conventional USM. And only in the new Millennium the plant was again surprised those who prefer a domestic model IL the universal USM in guns of the new issue.

All models of IZH-43 typical distinctive technical and operational characteristics. Ergonomics meet the best standards used in the world. For shooting from this line of models can be used hunting cartridges loaded with shot, buckshot or bullets. The models use the trunks of the detachable type, the outer part of which is oxidized. Special muzzle narrowing ensure stable accuracy. And the possibility of an accidental discharge completely eliminated due to the automatic fuse type.

The disadvantages of the domestic models, which today are held in Izhevsk enterprise include several recessed position of the trigger and unattractive design. It a modest appearance in most cases and to be the reason that the hunters of our country acquire foreign gun manufacturers. But in reality, if you do not pay attention to the shortcomings of the design, the models produced at the Izhevsk enterprise, in no way inferior in strength and work.

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