Items necessary for the proper equipment of the hunter

Items necessary for the proper equipment of the hunter

Equipment of the hunter is indicative of the base set, which is supposed to be available to everyone who takes the field for the game. If you are going to campaign for feathered or fur trophy that any hunter should take care to make your hunt a safe and successful experience. Equipment of the hunter, is a cumulative set of garments, weapons and derivative instruments and accessories, no or not the correct condition which can cause different adverse situations, unsuccessful hunting, and even risk health and life.

The equipment of the hunter is not only appropriate clothing and weapons. Each hunter must have a sufficiently large number of items intended to Tabor work, cooking, successful hunting, butchering of animals and the removal of trophies from the forest and taiga, for more convenient, fast transportation and first aid.

Of course, the main tool for hunting is a weapon. Smoothbore and rifled guns should always be suitably protected from the effects of various weather conditions. As a rule, to transport the gun directly on the hunting area used soft case, and then case fit in a backpack. If the group or the hunter gets to place by car, the firearm must be transported in a hard case or box. The drawers are designed for transportation of shotguns, should be decorated with foam and have a special socket for various parts of the weapon.

Items necessary for the proper equipment of the hunter

An equally important part of any hunting is not only a gun, but bullets, which should always be in good condition. In order to store, carry and easily retrieve them when needed shot, hunters use this product as a bandolier. This accessory ensures reliable protection of patrons from possible exposure to dampness, moisture or snow, and does not interfere with the hunter easy to get the bullets to quickly charge the gun and firing at a target.

The ideal option is a bandolier, which is divided into several sections for different cartridges. This gives you the opportunity to take only one pouch several cartridges, for hunting, for example, for a large animal. It is worth considering that during a long stay in the ambush, leather bandolier can give quite an audible squeak. Therefore, hunting from ambush, it is best to choose a product made of thick tarpaulin.

Another must-have accessory for any hunting is definitely a hunting knife. At the same time, experts believe that for hunting, which is associated with the production of game birds and also for winter hunting elk and wild boar hunter must have in his possession two knives. Main blade needs to be complex and have additional functions and devices that are typical tools of this type. It can bottle opener extractor for extracting bullets, awl, etc. This knife is best to carry in a belt case. Will not prevent the presence of knives special ring for dressing up a loop from the rope, otherwise it is very easy to drown, floating in a boat. The second knife must be simple and have a blade of greater size. This tool will be optimal when you need to skin a dead animal or skin it. In addition, it is possible to use for cooking and other household works. Knives with blades of great length are used for chopping shrubs or large bones of large animals.

For longer hunts, which are a group of people, you need to ensure that the camp was a medium size axe and two-handed saw, to perform various chores. Not bad if included with these tools will go also a tool for sharpening.

Items necessary for the proper equipment of the hunter

Not less necessary accessories for any hunting will mesh backpacks or special aghdasi game. Any hunter will definitely need a backpack and two types of large mountaineering backpack where you can put items, weapons and a sleeping bag and small backpack for smaller items to be used for foot movements. Jagdale will be very useful when you need to transfer trophies in the immediate vicinity of the place of hunting and lodging for hunters.

If you are going to hunt, do not forget about the various items, without which it is impossible to equip forest life, such as tents, utensils and sleeping bags. The most important thing for the kitchen on the hunt is a solid bowler, without which it is simply impossible to provide the hunter with a hot meal. In the presence of pot hunters need only a spoon and a mug. This set will be enough in order to ensure minimum conditions of cooking and eating.

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