It is necessary to gather on spring hunting?

The beginning of spring hunting look forward to many hunters. However, there are many restrictions on its conduct. This year have been accepted and approved new rules of hunting wild animals and birds. Which would strict they were, and as they had not criticized the Department of hunting, existing restrictions are carefully thought out and are biologically literate. Lost only the item on the possible extension of the terms of spring hunting, depending on the instability of weather conditions. In Soviet times, the rules of hunting in the springtime was even more depended on the regional authorities and involved a complete ban on hunting waterfowl, including hunting on the current. But the full extent permitted hunting on a woodcock and it was conducted complete.

In some areas Russia is still not open spring hunting on birds and the main role is played by the watchers. The conflict between scientists and hunters conducted for many decades, not only in the territory of the Russian Federation, but also throughout Europe. Ornithologists in most cases and do not want to hear reasonable arguments hunting, but in those areas are headed by experienced biologists, it is possible to find a compromise.

It is scientifically proven that spring hunting of migratory birds does more harm than autumn. Geese fly to their homes already formed pairs, and killing one female or male, thereby preventing breeding, popularization of birds will decrease by 7-10 individuals. In autumn there is the opportunity to shoot the sick, young or debilitated birds unable to cope with the long flight and hibernation, and in spring it returns only the strong individuals who are ready to start breeding. However, migrating geese damage to agriculture, when in early spring they begin to feed on winter crops and treading them.

The law on spring hunting of wild ducks is only permitted with the use of decoy ducks, scarecrows and shooting is carried out only drakes. However, this hunt coincides with the nesting of other waterfowl species and because of the constant anxiety, the females leave their nests.

In addition to hunting waterfowl, with the current year allowed to hunt the bear. This is due to the fact that the bears have begun to provide a real threat to people’s lives. Not so rare are cases when the bear come into town, torn apart by animals and birds, attacking passers-by, get into the house and harm people. The less people hunt bear, especially the bear starts to hunt people. It is also possible to shoot wolves as they spring to attack hunters and those easily can become prey for these animals. The new rules completely ban hunting of saiga, as these animals are on the brink of extinction and now the ban applies not only in specific areas, but throughout the territory of the Russian Federation.

A separate item is prohibited to shoot at the information signs that are located throughout hunting. Some hunters make them shots to shoot a gun. This leads to damage of state property, and also accidentally fall into a passing car. The inspectors of the hunting farm are given powers which allow them to demand a penalty of bullies.

Of course, at the moment there are inflated prices for the document that allows you to hunt in certain places. In most of the cases the authorization is valid for those hunters who keep decoy ducks, and those who paid more. Normal hunter is given a waiver for the entire hunting season. However, there is an opinion that spring hunting should not be massive and it must be held with observance of all norms of the law.

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