Interesting tackle – piratage

Seasoned fishermen known such a set, as perlage. It can help to catch a powerful fish that feed at the upper edge of the water, and predatory.

Piratage you can get from old-fashioned bins at a time as soon as the midges begin to curl over the water, and fish for the winter.

Catch piratage, or as it is called, tokaku can anyone. This rigging is designed and one, and two fishermen, and even the group. Catch of perlage gives good. A necessary condition for a good catch is a complete silence on the shore. Grandfather’s paratha. Our ancestors knew without modern means to catch a lot of fish. It was enough to feed the family, and sell.

To tackle this need a long rope or fishing line and hooks. Rope or fishing line (preferably thick) is folded in half. Place to fold properly fixed. The tackle is of such length that it was possible to close the banks of the river. On the three-meter line attached leads (3 to 5) with hooks. At the grandparents before the hooks were homemade.

Modern fishermen can, of course, tackle this to take suspiciously until, until you try to devote at least a day. The complexity of our forefathers felt was in catching a large number of natural bait, which were midges, frogs and of course small fish.

Paratha for two

When the spinning rods, the fishermen upgraded piratage. Now this option is becoming more common.

For modern gear requires two spinning length up to 3 meters. They are put on the coil. Half the line is on the same spinning. It should be a thickness of 0.40 mm the length of the line contributes to the connection of the two shores of the reservoir. The other end of the line on the bobbin in the second spinning. If the fish will vyvazhivanija the second rod, it is enough 20 meters of the line. Between the main fishing line on spinning rods are made of nodular loops at the interval of 3 meters. They will attach leashes and hooks. On the leash you can put a fishing line that breaks when you bite Chub up to 3 pounds.

If piratage done for predatory fish, it must be equipped with leashes made of steel, and they install double hooks.

When one of the fishermen will move to the other side, one will weaken the line, and the other, pulling leashes with hooks, and plant the bait. Then one tightens the line, and the other pits. Together to catch better because you can try to change several places to look for a place a good bite.

It should be pointed out that fishermen need to agree in advance who vyvazhivat fish who poison the fishing line who skewer the bait. It is important to remember that you cannot talk, then you need to specify the gestures to understand each other. If the fishermen will act cohesively, a big catch is provided to them.

Paratha for one

The fisherman, a loner looking for on the opposite side of the river Bush or tree. To him he will attach one end of the stretch. In the absence of the necessary supports, you can drive into the ground a stake, trying not to make much noise. The spinning then takes up to two and a half meters with a coil that has the friction brake. The line will need about a hundred meters. At the end of the fishing line is attached to the shock absorber made of rubber with a length of up to five meters. Its length is selected with the light to cover the width of the riverbed and depending on the quality of rubber. Fishing line and connect the shock absorber is typically a metal washer or a conventional button. Leashes with hooks are mounted on a segment of 2 meters, can be reduced to 5 meters. The fish and fishing will depend on the material of the leash.

The bait prepared in advance. You want to keep. While the fisherman will float to the other side for fixing the end of the stretch. Well, if you have a Ford or bridge, otherwise, you will have to use the boat. After the fixed attenuator, fishing returns to the place of fishing, skewer the bait. Then she, thanks to rubber shock absorber falls in the middle of the river. To attract fish, you need to play bait, raising and lowering the tip of spinning. When the fish swallowed the bait with hook, attenuator allows you to get her out.

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