Interesting point about semi-automatic rifles — past and future perspectives

Semi-automatic rifles has for many years occupied pride of place among all the military Arsenal of hunters all over the world. They have become indispensable in hunting, where you have to shoot often homogeneous birds. And all thanks to the excellent balance, good posadistas, mnogozadachnosti a great battle. The most common today, self-charging in hunting migratory waterfowl.

After more than a hundred years, design and modification of semi-automatic guns have changed and evolved. Now these guns have a lot of differences. The designers were divided into two camps with model-charging first used the recoil momentum, which was also divided into three views. One of them suggested the use of impact rolling barrel. This models such as the A-5, MC 21-12 and A-500. Another liked the recoil of all weapons («Benelli-Raffaello», Siegen). The third opinion was argued that the weapons should be with the recoil of the movable breech. They created the Winchester 50 and 59 models. The second camp of designers advocated the removal of powder gases. With a short or long piston, they managed to implement the idea of a gas engine. Many models of weapons were born in them, such as TOZ-87, «Browning gold» Beretta 391 and others.

But, over time, the first path proved futile. In recent years, the developers give themselves to modeling gazohodom that compared to the first, was more simple and technological. In addition, the system has a fixed barrel was better than the one where I moved the barrel.

However, venting the design had its drawbacks. Gases of high temperature burned the body shop, and the presence of gas engine led to increase in transverse dimension of the guns in the area of the store. This led to an increase in streams.

American «Winchester» is a combination of well-proven design-charging. The weapon gets low and satisfies the requirements of hunters.

The subject of the venting of the guns picked up the Italians, but were not successful.

And only the specialists of the company «Benelli» has decided to use in the design of the weapons full potential. A clear example of such production is «Benelli-Raffaello» and copies of it have undeniable advantages. Their design is simple and has a minimum of very durable parts that allows you to serve the guns for a long time. This gun can use any ammo except buckshot and rubber bullets. Unlike gazohodom, the energy of powder gases is used for the shot in full.

The automatic rifle does not require any special adjustments. And most importantly — no extra care, cleaning and lubricating the gun will still serve reliably for a long time. The design of the guns, benellis are very delicate and thin, the beauty experts have been able to love.

Based on the evolution of guns, it can be concluded that whatever the path of development with its UPS and losses, sooner or later will lead to the ideal. And all attempts to improve the already good weapon, lead to losses. Not all manufacturers took into account this fact and went on the right path. But the insight still occurs and we see «Caesar Houdini» — brand new, light and graceful Samothrace. And «Beretta» — the famous Italian model.

In our country it is possible to issue self-loading rifle, without drawbacks. The ideal system for the development is a system with inertial lock. Domestic factories producing weapons, will be able to produce these rifles on existing equipment.

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