Instructions for purchasing a hunting rifle

Before you purchase a gun for hunting, you first need to obtain a permit. Then, a license is required to keep it. To obtain such a license is not difficult. To buy a hunting rifle, you need to get a special box to store it. This is a mandatory requirement for storage, otherwise you will not get the license. This safe can be purchased in almost any store hunting.

Necessary documents for obtaining a license

To obtain a license for acquisition and possession of hunting rifles, you need a passport, a certificate stating that you are not convicted and was not prosecuted. Two pictures of the 2×4. Photos will need to fill in questionnaires and statements. Also need a hunting license, which can be purchased in almost all hunting stores. A medical certificate stating that you have no mental illness, and that you do not stand on the account in narcological clinic. When you gather all the documents needed, make copies of them.

Where to obtain a license for the gun

To obtain a license for a hunting rifle, you need to all of the above listed documents and certificates, contact OLR in the local POLICE station. There is written statement and paid the tax on the possession of guns. If there are no problems, then after 3 months you will receive a permit. With the obtained license you can go to the hunting store to purchase a gun. After buying the gun, within two weeks it is necessary to contact OLR to draw a weapon and get a special card for storage. Permission to store rifles is valid for five years. After this period, you need to re register the gun in the same pattern. If you got a shotgun in the inheritance, then the procedure for its execution is exactly the same. In addition to all the documents, you will also need the document from the notary of inheritance and the previous permission of his master.

What is important to pay attention

Buying a hunting rifle to hand, it is important that his master showed all the necessary documents for this weapon. Making sure that it definitely belongs to him may apply to ARR. It’s best if you along with the seller will contact the appropriate authorities for registration of the weapons at you. If you go to OLRR themselves, it is necessary to bring a true solution to weapon storage, and the statement about his design for you.

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