In search of carp: correct choice of time and place

Carp is active from may to October. It is very difficult to give any advice on how to search in different time of year. However, you need to look for this fish in the same waters where it was populated by artificial means, and only in areas rich in aquatic vegetation. Where Cupid was already populated, but its population is small while, hope not worth it. In addition, we should consider such a feature: if the pond is too much of the feed offered the bait he’ll never be interested.

The spring count on the active bite in the period when the water has warmed up to 14-15°C, but aquatic vegetation is still «asleep» and have not yet started the intensive growth. Much more enjoyable fishing moments you may experience with the onset of the fall season. The main thing for autumn fishing on time. And in that moment, when the water temperature has not fallen to the level of 10°C, and from water plants is almost nothing left.

With the advent of really warm days, both on shore and in the water begins a rapid growth of greenery, and hungry winter carp taken actively to eat. Hunger forces her to go even on the flooded meadows, where he gladly absorbs terrestrial vegetation. By the way, other species of fish such attacks quite peculiar. Active, feeding lasts until the end of the summer. In reservoirs with a large number and the lack of additional feeding (in fish farms that are often vegetarian fed fresh hay) Cupid is active even in hot summer days. It turns out that the basic conditions for a successful fishing only two: a sufficiently high water temperature and lack of food.

Daily carp «travels» over the pond the same favorite routes. He also regularly visits places where he might find food. On the way he looks and «secondary» areas, but only from case to case. For fishing it is important to find the place where he usually fed, or at least as close to him. Here to teach Cupid a lot easier, after which he will return to this point again and again.

Timidity and extreme caution this fish gives them a lot of trouble. Cupid scares even the soft sound or noise, on hearing which he immediately rushes away from the shore. Well, when there is no danger, he should be well warmed up shallow waters and basking there in the sun.

The white Amur has his habits, the knowledge of which helps to catch him. For example, consideration of wind direction can significantly affect the catch. Fishermen have long noticed that Cupid much better bite from the shore, where the wind blows. Most likely, this is due to his pathological fear of noise, because the air flow carries away all the sounds in the opposite direction from the reservoir side.

The activity of the fish falls along with the cold. When the temperature level drops to 9-10°C, it completely stops feeding and when the temperature falls to 5°C, the Amur river generally flows into the drowsiness. This means that the season is over. Carp hibernates in the bottom recesses is covered with mucus which is secreted skin glands. In the winter it is not caught.

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