In December in carp

fishing for carp in December

Carp is one of the most common fish that is found in a freshwater pond. This active fish is caught in warm, open water. In addition to the spring and summer, the carp are biting well in the winter, especially in December! In frosty weather, carp behaves differently than in summer.

In December, with some knowledge, you can achieve considerable success! Good fishing depends on a properly sized pond. Generally, carp fishing takes place on large and small ponds. Experienced fishermen, one and all, I advise you to fish on large reservoirs. What is the reason? – the game is simple, the bottom from them without the Il, and hence more oxygen. Moreover, small rates, in extreme cold is completely nipped by the frost.

Often bites occur on Sunny days, thanks to Zhora, the fish are actively catches the bait. These days, you can safely stay in night fishing, intensive feeding of fish has been simmering for days.

Extreme cold – not the best time for catching carp on underwater «resident» presses a lot of pressure, zhor is lost, therefore – bite too.

How to find a successful place?

For successful fishing need to find a efficient place. In December, crucian carp, do not attend depth, as has been said. So, first of all, pay attention to the coastline. If you’re not familiar with the reservoir is sufficient to accommodate near the reeds or algae (black stains under the ice). Wells proburivaja staggered – this will increase your chances of catching a decent catch.

Tackle for carp fishing in December

Fishermen use a float tackle and a spoon. Let’s talk about «jig», because it is more popular. A jig is a hook with a lead pellet. Jig delivers located on the hook «treat» on the bottom. Typically, the lure is painted in silver or Golden color, which provide good visibility under water, these spinners are used during the day. For night fishing, making lures with fluorescent coating.

A secondary role is played by the shape of the spinner, it has no effect on the activity of the fish. There are the following forms of jigs: «bean», «ant», «osinka» and others.

Fully stocked tackle consists of a spinning, nod, fishing line and reels, lures. Spinning can be purchased at any bait shop, they are made of pressed foam, experienced fishermen use bamboo rods. The rod length varies in the range of 30 – 50 cm.

A nod is a continuation of the rod, it performs the function of the alarm device. Length nod to 25 cm, use nods longer is not reasonable. To find out how long you need the nod – notice the weight of the jig. The quality of the nod as «elasticity» depends on the fish caught. In this article we are talking about peaceful fish such as carp, its bite is tidy and then select the nod – soft, sensitive. Undoubtedly, if «hunting» is for carnivorous fish, need a hard nod.

You need to choose the line diameter 0.8 – 0.10 mm Use fishing line large diameter – optional. If fishing line, bought in a specialty store, a foreign manufacturer – curiosities should not be.

As for hooks, you must knit No. 14 – 17 of the international classification. There are some recommendations for selecting a hook for carp fishing is: the ring eyelet should be straight, forearm standard and most important rule – the sting must die inside.

Curved tip increases the probability of a successful strike, the carp is very difficult to get off the hook. It is advisable to choose a jig, hook-and – black. About the numbering of the hook mentioned, and the form should be round (the carp swallows the hook, pinpoint lip).

Baits for catching carp in December

Well established baits of plant origin. There are times when baits of plant origin shows better results than animal origin. Bait for carp in December, are the following: cereals (wheat, barley, Lupin, barley); dough (based on corn and wheat flour); for captured specimens – boiled peas and corn; store-bought bait (they are composed of various attractants and flavours).

Bait for catching carp in December

As for bait, here it is the opposite – leading the bait of animal origin, even lazy Karasik, will not stand and will want to try your «Goodies». Diet, for this lovely fish, dictates the time of year season. Winter makes you gain fat, which means that the fish prefers nutrients (the bait of animal origin). Effective baits include: maggots, bloodworms, worms (rain, dung, earth), insect larvae.

Loosely install the «treats» can be separately and in combination, in people there is a term – a sandwich. What is the best option, you can find out, just starting to catch. I should add that the effectiveness of a particular nozzle depends on the activity of fish. Is it possible that any one bait is not working, people say the fish «day off».

Tactics for catching carp in December

To achieve maximum result, you need to stick to one tactic – always proburivaja a lot of holes, in a relatively small distance from each other. If no bites, you can go further to other sh in a drilled hole.

tactics for catching carp in December

You need to install several rods in the «dumb» position, lower the bait to the bottom and look at the nods of those rods. And for active fishing, leave one «working» the bait. This rod do smooth upgrades, with a height of 15 – 35 cm, pausing in a few seconds. Seen carp often preclusive during the pause.

If it so happened that the bite is good and procleave everywhere, on all «stations» — you need to be especially vigilant not to miss another crucian. Cutting make a fishing rod or a fishing line holding her hand. Generally, carp pinpoint tightly, after a successful trip – no need to rush, let him smoothly to the hole. If you got large instance – take the hill.

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