Important tips on selecting equipment for hunting

Outfit of the hunter assumes the presence of a bandolier, which should contain not less than 24 cartridges. Depending on how it will be convenient to hunter, you can buy a bandolier open or closed. To carry small game, in the Arsenal of the hunter must have bag-mesh. Also, be sure to have a belt hanger. It serves as an accessory which can be hung caught a duck or goose. In the Arsenal of every hunter should be necessary detail.

Speaking of weapons, the hunter must pick your own, guided by the skills of the past. After all, is not easy to choose a weapon to a newbie who has no idea what real hunting weapons. The main thing that should be always at hand of the hunter, it matches, because you may need to light a fire after you accidentally fell into the water, and things need to dry. Also every hunter should be armed with a knife. No matter what size a knife, it must always be with yourself. also always need a compass, because to navigate in space it is not always possible. As for matches, it is best to take several boxes. One of them needs to be Packed in a sealed package.

You should always consider the weather at the moment when you’re packing a backpack for hunting. The fact that the hunter must be warmly dressed. If the street is warm, nights are subject to change, to become cold. That is why the backpack should be an extra set of clothes, preferably insulated.

Experienced hunters know that the stock of each person must be special gloves, it is advisable to purchase camouflage. They are made of a very thin, but very durable fabric. When working with weapons, these gloves are the first necessity. Also in the Arsenal must be present the night vision devices. Imagine an experienced hunter tries to catch a game night, but he realizes that he forgot the lights. Hunting in this case can be considered meaningless.

Each hunter before heading into the woods needs to hone the most of the knives. In addition, in the Arsenal of an experienced hunter, or lover should always be a first aid kit. Suddenly the hunt for a large animal led to the tragedy. In this case, it is impossible to do without the kits, it’s not always assistance can come immediately to the scene.

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