IDE of the boat on the peas

The optimal arrangement for catching bullhead is considered to be fishing with peas from the boat. Tackle a so-called yazevka. It will bring excellent results when fishing from a boat. Yazevka is, first of all, side boat rod. It is possible to use a homemade fishing rod. If only there was a convenient and dexterous. The coil is wound 30 m of fishing line. Sinker set freewheel with locking a plastic tube. For leash suitable thin monofilament. The snap hooks preferably with a short forearm as as a nozzle is used peas. The nozzle is placed so as to shut down a stream. Hooks take 7 or 8 rooms.

How to cook peas.

The third part of the container is filled with peas and filled with water. Then within 7 hours of give peas to swell. Water filling, capacity put on fire and boil the peas until tender. If the peas are warming up in the compression between the fingers, so it is ready for attachment. Is to wash it with cold water to increase shelf life and use.

With proper preparation the peas very well kept on the hook. Usually this nozzle take the largest individuals of IDE. And, of course, will not avoid bream, carp, carp, Chub and roach all-pervading.

As for the technique of boat fishing on the nozzle, then there are some nuances. Is necessary to catch in a pit or outlet. If you long to bite — the fishing spot changes.

IDE loves that attachment plays in the water, it provokes him to attack and confident bite. Perfect speed wiring.

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