IDE in the wiring

Fishing in the wiring, it would not have otherwise known as it is now, remains unchanged in its principle: the selection of promising stretch of river over and conduct the bait from the top to the bottom point of the selected area. The most important thing here is for. The most important thing when fishing for IDE is for.

First how to start a fishing – rod. His choice paid great attention because they have to actively work through fishing. It should be light, but durable, as the IDE is very strong and stubborn fish. And another important detail when choosing a rod is his Stroy. Bites can be lightning fast and the angler needs to react immediately. Therefore, the first cutting should «play» the tip, not the middle of the rods.

The next thing you should pay attention to when fishing in the wiring IDE – float. Different fishing conditions dictate their rules of the equipment of the float, it needs to be moving. When installing the float on the line it is inserted in the ear, and the movement of the float to the fishing line limited to top and bottom stoppers, and the top sets the depth at which the sinker will be located when you post, and the bottom determines how long the slide will float on the fishing line after a cast to the top of the stopper. Secure mounting of the retainer, especially the upper an important detail, especially when fishing at great depths. Choose the right depth when fishing in the wiring is also very important, because it affects the availability of fish on the hook.

You can then move on to fishing. Favourite places of its habitat are thickets of water lilies, or potbelly. But the wiring need to the border line of vegetation and clean water, try to choose the place most davania green into the mainstream. And the surest way to calculate the IDE is to observe its outputs, if possible. In the evening or early in the morning he will not fail to show off, coming to the surface and falling down on his face to the side.

Choose the right hook significantly increases the chances of trophies. But the hook needs to be integrated with the nozzle. And head when fishing IDE is, primarily peas. This legume its favourite treats. Now the hook is necessary thin and sharp, so as not to split the pea in half, and the peas should be soft and pliable. When fishing IDE overcooked peas better nedovrsenoj. Better hook completely drown in the pea that the sting is not pricked fish when tested last meal.

Bite when fishing for red handsome vary. And often to understand what is beginning to bite hard. Sometimes the float just crouches in place, like on the bottom there was a kind of unevenness, sometimes without changing its vertical axis, it just starts to accelerate, sometimes it is just instant care float under water. In any case, a couple of dives suggests that it’s time for the sweeps.

The use of bait is also necessary. Many anglers come up with all sorts of combinations someone is exceptionally clean peas. This right of choice, the only member of complementary foods should be peas. Feeding the IDE it is impossible to overfeed, because the pea culture is very high in calories and after eating, IDE just go and eat. Although balance is difficult because the threshold of fullness of the fish is virtually absent. Even better place to lure, if possible, in advance. So when it’s time to «H» to toss a few handfuls of peas.

Guided by the key principles and simple rules, any lover of angling can indulge in handsome Yazev from early June to mid-October. Feel the resistance to this strong fish on the hook and see all the delights of fishing.

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