Fishing is one of the oldest Hobbies on Earth. People have practiced it first for the production of food and survival, and then it became one of the most popular Hobbies. Men, and recently women, the practice of fishing around the world, as it contributes to the distraction from the small, but such a grueling domestic Affairs and dismissal from the fast pace of life. In addition, everyone can feel like the breadwinner, bringing home the really big fish!

Most people fish in the summer, in the winter with melancholy removing the rod in the closet. However, true fans know that in the snow season can continue their favorite hobby, it is important to know and take into account all of its features.

Of course, with the onset of winter and glaciation rivers, changes fish behavior – they move in deep water. Because of the following reasons: the circulation of water at depth of up to cold better than close to the ice, the temperature more suitable for fish and small plankton that serves as fish food, burrows in the silt, and the deeper the fish lives, the easier it is to feed. For deep sea fishing it is important to choose the right place and tackle.

The selection of optimal locations for winter fishing you should remember that fish is going in places with good forage, such as deep snags on the large bodies of water or sharp breaks in narrow and shallow areas and in areas with deep stone ridges. You can try your luck in places merge channels underwater currents, and steep banks of rivers. In addition, in the backwaters while breaking ice comes a lot of big fish.

As for the winter gear, you will have to make a special set for this time of year. The most productive winter fishing is fishing in a plumb. Fishing rods for such fishing are mostly short rod. This is due to the technology of fishing, because it is necessary to make holes in the ice and placed directly above it, so the use of conventional fishing rods uncomfortable. There are several types of winter: a fishing rod with a mount for conventional coil, the rod with built-in coil and the so-called «balalaika». In addition, you will need a nod – a special attachment for the rod making it tip moving, which causes the bait to twitch, mimicking the activity of plankton. Nods are steel, spring and Mylar, the selection of the type depends on your preferences and objectives. Also, you need special winter spinners are different from the summer constructively, and as a consequence, the effect of trolling. They are of two types: oscillating (with the center of gravity shifted to the main part) and diving (fall steeply and have the center of gravity closer to the hook).

Of course, ice-fishing has many other subtleties. Every angler grasps them together with experience. Albeit You’ll find your own secrets of success in the production of the largest fish in any time of the year!

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