Ice fishing pike – recluse

Clever and careful in the ice pike. Its habits it does not change neither in summer nor in winter, that’s why she called herself for her loneliness. A few pike together you can see just before spawning. In winter it is not looking for new places to hunt, so to find her just she at the same place: in a small clean spot between the reeds and other water plants, on the border of their contact. Is she in the aisle on the big Bay, and large pike prefer the bottom of the pool at the place where the river turns. Unfortunately, to know where «lodges» pike is not a reason to count on a catch.

Gluttonous recluse happens almost immediately after freeze-up in March, and throughout winter, «naughty»: you may feed early in the morning, maybe at lunch, maybe until the evening. In gluhozime pike is almost caught, only the most desperate fishermen can boast of the arrest of one individual. Two or three of the catch during the day – a great success and skill.

As already mentioned, pike careful. If the ice is thin, you can not go the usual step, and immediately advised to prepare a few holes at a distance of five meters between them.

Holes can be drilled on one line, and randomly near the reeds. During the trip they need to be checked several times, the most successful space for gear you can use then entire season, unless, of course, will be able to prove that these places «belong» to one fisherman, so, who first discovered.

For hunting recluse in the winter time there are two ways: trolling, fishing on the balancer and on live bait.

Often use a diving lure. It is lowered to the bottom, then slowly raise it to 20-25 cm after a certain time. From bottom to up trolling at 30-40 cm, with a little shake, then put the spoon on the bottom. Fixed line spinner with a flick of the rod to lift her half a meter, pause – push the spinner is lowered down to 7-8 see Again the pause, again the lure went down, and to do so up to the moment that the spoon reaches the bottom at a distance of 30 cm and Then all over again. Spoon down on the meter to the ground. Then short jerks with pauses lowered almost to the bottom. In the spring, at the beginning, the jig can not be lowered to the bottom. Starts the migration of fish, where you can wait and predator, the pike.

Zhivtsovy fishing rod to hunt for pike must be with a short leash made of metal. It will be enough distance 10-12 cm Pike does not change their tastes, so choose the bait for her familiar. Fishing with the river of ice it is offered in the menu the roach and Dace, bleak and Chub young people, sometimes young of the bullhead and minnow. Lake pike will eat only what is found in this lake.

The bite of a pike lure is a sharp, jerky or action. It depends on when the fish grabbed the lure: for lifting or lowering. Trip you cannot miss: the bite – sweeps, because the predator takes the bait without hesitation.

In winter, pike are not so beats when playing in the summer, but fights till the end, so the angler must be very alert and intelligent until, while the production will be on the ice at a distance from the hole. Pike needs to get out very quickly, help take bagorik. If sagorika is no need to pull the fish by hand. When the head, the left hand need to grasp the predator over the eye socket from the back. It happens that the hook from the pike to get problematic. We must proceed slowly, so as not to hurt yourself, because the wound will hurt for a long time, they are, moreover, poorly healed. You need to have tweezers, in which the hook and pull. Don’t forget that the toothed jaws of a pike may impinge, therefore, previously recommended in the mouth to insert the wand.

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