Ice fishing for Dace in winter

Yelets is a very common fish, but to catch the winter in the European part of our country, is quite difficult. But is found in our waters such slave, as the Siberian Dace and fishing it in the winter time occupation is quite popular and exciting. Externally this fish is ugly, and a bit of herring, but attractive from a gastronomic point of view. Elec schooling fish, and does not reach large sizes. Not many anglers can boast of caught specimens, more than 0.5 kg. This fish can be confused with small Chub, however they can be distinguished by the anal fin: the fin elec this grey and Chub red.

Where to find the elec?

This fish does not like standing water of the many zoo — and fitoplanktona, so it is hard to find in artificial reservoirs. In winter, the ELCA need to look in the same places where you fished in the summer, as it does not make distant migrations. This fish in the winter, slipping into blijaishee a hole, and comes out to feed on shoals and coastal areas. If the pond is fairly well equipped with oxygen, Dace feed on leaves and in the next shallows. In such cases, a promising place when searching for this fish, are the places with the remains of vegetation.

How to choose the weather and time of fishing.

More active biting Dace occurs in the first 2-3 weeks after freezing the water, and in the spring, with the onset of the thaw. During the day, the Dace, the more actively biting in the morning, sometimes after lunch. In Western and South-Western wind in slight frost, the bite can be activated after 16 hours and lasts all night.


For catching Dace in the winter, do not apply more than 0.1 mm line, as it is a cautious fish, so it is enough to put this medium-sized fish. The most promising for fishing is cepkova rod. It is important to cover the nod from the effects of the wind, as this may interfere with the detection of a gentle bite Yelets. Spinners you can use a variety, but with a hook no more than 3 rooms. Some anglers weigh and 2-3 spinners, various configurations and colors.


Even in the winter Elets good going on a herbal mixture. But still near the bait needs to be feed bloodworms. Good results are frozen pellets of food. They allow a long time to keep a flock of fish in one place.


For catching this fish is good any nozzles are used in the winter is bloodworms, maggot, beetle, worm. But it is noticed that more actively Dace in the winter, caught on the bark.

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