Hyperplane to catch a predator

We know that all predators have jaws large enough. So, theoretically, they are adapted for hunting just for big booty. Their digestive system is adapted for digestion of large prey whole. Intestine and pharynx, such as pike, have the ability to much «stretch». There are cases of catching the pike swallowing the fish, but not a lot less of her.

The same applies to perch. It is possible, of course, that big mouth reduces the miss chance of a predator when hunting for a fish trifle. But even if so, still, from the point of view of energy consumption, when hunting, it is better to eat large prey, can permanently satisfy the hunter.

Do not argue, the scope of the big lures is quite limited, but when fishing for large predator they can provide you with real help.

If we consider the spinners, then the increase in the size of petals, the total number of bites is reduced. This is especially true of perch, IDE and Chub. But hyperplasia, especially adorned with a massive and lush, the «tail» of wool or feathers, are very attractive for large instances. They are due to the rotation of the large lobe, in the water create a powerful «shock waves», foreshadowing the predator rich food.

In large fans, there is one drawback — spinners No. 5 and No. 6, particularly in the current, highly twisted fishing line. In this situation, a large «tail» stabilizes the game spinners and reduces twisting of the fishing line. But since number 4, wide petals, and 3 for narrow, twisted fishing line much less.

Our ubiquitous pike, even the small sizes reacts very well to large spinners. In General, when hunting for pike the best numbers of spinners is # 4 and # 5. As for walleye, in my opinion, wersalki (except before pogruzheny jig-turntables) are not suitable. Still better to use for catching him more suitable and productive lures — crankbaits, silicone.

During the harvest areas with lots of aquatic plants make good use of VersaPro-tandem with two petals. This lure can easily spend over obstacles and vegetation without snags. Even in the cold season large turntables we shouldn’t be deeper than three meters. Vibrations, which they create, is enough to interest pike, even lying on the bottom.

Now, about the oversized jig-bait. The dislike of the bulk of anglers to a large jig exists due to the fact that most of the fishermen fishing from the shore, which requires increased casting distance and, respectively, compact and kalaparusha bait. For this reason, the size of the baits used by gigantami-Beregovoye, rarely exceed 8 cm, and often less. When fishing from the boats long-distance casting is not required, so you can almost come close to the chosen fishing location. Therefore, it is possible to use large baits.

Leading the conversation about jig lures, I will speak about the silicone, since bulky foam, in my opinion, inappropriate. There is a reason. Since the mounting of large jigs from foam are used in different snastochki and additional tees, it lost its main advantage — low cost. Besides, filled with a large foam become such a «truck» that to reproach him with even the powerful the rod becomes problematic. But large silicone, especially on reservoirs with great fishing pressure, can bring substantial victuals to your catch. After all, mostly caught on bait size №2,5-3, and fish already recognizes them as a dangerous object. In such reservoirs, when using the common lures you want truly outstanding play of tackle to catch a predator. And, taking advantage of unusual fish «smashed», even beginner spinningist can go from zero. I use silicone jig lure vibrohvost. To equip a large Ripper the usual jiggalong, Dolorosa additional tee on a leash made of wire, one end attached to the eyelet of the head, with one of the trebles hooks are stuck in the bait closer to its tail.

There are two types of plastic worms are small, twitterlogo type, tail and such are not. Perch and pike react to both types of lures the same, but for groupers better to use has a tail modification. On the question of fitting silicone worms I will not stop, think this is a topic for another article, which will devote custom baits at all.

When fishing with large bait, especially for large wersalki are creating when you post a very strong resistance, a very important issue is the selection of a sufficiently powerful rods. Sometimes, on the rods with declared quite a high test, the run test range looks somehow unconvincing, for example, 10-50 gr. or 20-80 g. How do you find out what weight lures will be optimal for the spinning? For the majority of spinning rods is quite suitable such average method: you need to make the minimum and maximum values of the test range and then the sum divided by two. This will be the optimal weight of the lure used, in which the rod will behave in the best way. When trolling you can use «sticks are made of fiberglass. They are much cheaper and the issue of their increased weight for you is not true, because rebuke you are doing. In other cases, it is desirable to have a sufficiently powerful and reliable (and heavy) the rod of carbon fiber or at least fiberglass.

Coil also need a powerful enough force, able to withstand high loads. You can buy the e CIG, but there are presently a sufficient number of reliable and powerful bezynertsionnoj, and take the coil with excessive power reserves still not worth it. Quite expensive, and not particularly necessary, because not so often you have to catch on heavy hyperplane require from the coil increased traction characteristics.

Accordingly, for larger baits you will need and the reservoir is not pocket size. It is quite suitable for large fishing plastic box with longitudinally arranged sections.

So, summing up the above, it is safe to say that hyperplane have the right to life, and under appropriate conditions can provide real help to catch decent copies of the predator.

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