Hunting with Russian hound all you need to know to select a dog for hunting

This dog is very highly prized among hunters. The Russian hound has all the qualities of a hunting dog, so she is used for hunting, by both professionals and Amateurs.

In appearance the members of this species can closely resemble a wolf. The special features of his wild brother, the hound received in the body structure and manner of holding her head high.

Index of prolixity of these dogs is 107 for females and 105 for dogs. Representatives of the breed have a calm and balanced behavior, it will be very useful on the hunt.

Height at withers in males ranges from 58 to 68 inches, depending on the individual characteristics of the dog. For females the figure is less than 3 cm. Hounds have a strong Constitution and well-developed muscles.

The dogs got a dry head is wedge-shaped. Dogs have a powerful physique, due to this, their head seems quite small. Specimens are classical for most breeds brown eyes average size.

The dogs got a small hanging ears, ears are triangular, hanging close to head and located slightly above the eye line.

The dog has short hair on ears and face, on other parts of the body it is much longer. Especially thick hair can be observed in the neck and back of the legs. Russian hounds typical undercoat, it protects the animal from the cold in the coldest days of winter.

This breed is well-developed withers, she stands out particularly on the back line of the dog. Color can be Podlesny, scarlet, black with a bright hue.

This dog has long established itself as a great helper on the hunt. The Russian hounds have a good nose and can pick up the trail, to chase the animal for a long time. For hounds is characterized by high speed, but dogs retain a great endurance and can withstand high loads.

When driving on the trail dog is constantly giving voice so that the hunter will be easy to focus on the position of the dog. Russian hound is always persistent in chasing an animal, she can sustain a long pursuit and the nastiness in the extraction of the hunter.

Beagles have a strong and sonorous voice, so working with this dog as easy and convenient. She definitely can become a good helper for the hunter and increase the chances of success during hunting.

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