Hunting with a dog or everything you need to know to choose dog breeds for hunting

In the European territory Norn hunting is very common. The British, for example, use of Terriers — a special group of dogs that work underground. They are mentioned in ancient texts Dating back to the XI-XII centuries. First, the Terriers kept for household work. Their main duty was considered to be the destruction of rats in and around the home, as well as protecting the crops from rodents and small predators. Badgers and foxes Terriers pulled out of the holes and dealt with them worse than small animals.

In the behavior of burrowing dogs have visible differences from the others. And not only in the home and the home environment, but also on the hunt. Their principle characteristics include the relatively high level of thinking in different situations, the willingness to fight on their own without any support, the ability to take the fight to the victory at any cost, regardless of the injuries and damage. The hard nature of this group of dogs «forged» for centuries. Acquired hunting skills have gradually made its representatives solid, proud, allows you to feel master of the situation everywhere and in everything. However, at home they are able to turn into a simple Pets: with sincere devotion and loyalty belong to his master, love children, friendly to strangers. They are completely absent eccentric and «criminal» personality traits.

Attention dog lovers, including indifferent to hunting, burrowing attracted by their small size, mental alertness, sociability, unusual appearance and a number of other advantages. Mental activity of dog developed as a hunting and home environment. The main thing for this – the constant contact with the person. It has long been observed that the more intelligent dogs have a rich emotion and stupid emotion almost deprived. The owner set the dog on the same wavelength, literally, enjoying intercourse with her. Especially in cases where the Foundation of their friendship lies a full understanding.

Maybe someone puts norna in one row with room rocks and, thus, is seriously mistaken. Unlike the room, burrowing dogs never aim to please, to suck up and curry favor. On the contrary, they often show their independence and ambition, especially after the hunt. Sometimes these qualities are expressed quite strongly. Unlikely to get a working hunting dog to bring Slippers or stand on its hind legs. Definitely possible and teach her to provide such services, by persistent and patient training. But executing them dog his whole appearance to show how it is contrary to her nature. If she wants to give up, it will just politely povelivaet tail and look in his eyes, supposedly not knowing what they want from it. In opposite situations the dog is striking in its discretion. The explanation of this behavior may be only one – the disclaimer is only in the case when the requirement of the owner in some way hurt the feelings of the dog. In such moments it is better not to continue to insist on the execution of the command, otherwise the offended Norn will take the expression and just walk away. It’s quite another thing when the requirement was consistent with its own interests. In this case, the dog with the treat and the extraordinary vividness will meet. Most often this behavior is typical of those Norns who have stronger instinct of the hunter.

Brief description of the appearance and behavior of burrowing dogs

Galsterer. Externally allocated non-marking rough coat with black & brown color. Always calm and confident, not devoid of a sense of self-worth. Characterized by a lack of exaltation. Amenable to training is relatively easy thanks to the discreet and calm demeanor. Clearly record everything that surrounds them, react instantly. Easy to care for. Extremely hardy. Mostly used by hunters, nomikai, for fans of another hunt less interesting.

Fox Terriers. A sophisticated appearance. Colouring is bright. Extremely attentive, the view is very clingy. Any danger or threat to react rapidly. Movement proud, tread lightly springy. Characteristics: a keen mind, sociability, benevolence to man. Long been considered the best for hunting in burrows because of the high working qualities.

Fees. Proudly and majestically raised his head. Look often friendly, lively, sometimes a bit sarcastic. Due to unusual body proportions at first glance seem meaningless creatures. However, it is not so. With great interest in the world around us. Very developed survival instinct, brilliant response and flexibility of brain activity fees give a great chance to win during contact with a stronger opponent.

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