Hunting tricks when using bullets for shooting

Hunting tricks when using bullets for shooting

In the days of the Soviet Union, the hunter did not have long to ponder what weapons to go on a hunt for a trophy in the form of a wild boar or elk, because before they could only have shotgun. But the laws began to change, and commercial networks there was a weapon rifled type, which range in the cost and variety of models, and the caliber is wide enough. Naturally, no one doubts that when hunting nakrupnoe, a wild beast when shooting a rifle much better than a smoothbore, but the price even for consumers with average financial prosperity. And many hunters, not wanting to put in storage their old guns involved in self-improvement – namely, an improvised drilling «paradox». After all, there’s no other way, as Russian enterprises do not produce the guns with these barrels and interchangeable rifled chokes too rare. After all, the laws of the Russian Federation and many foreign countries, the rifled part of the barrel along its length should not be greater than 140 millimeters – and is, essentially, a smooth bore weapons.

The law is the law, but each of them has a back door, and found her American hunters, namely drilling «supra». A gun with such drilling by their appearance hardly differs from weapons with a smooth barrel, or rather it is, but only with a very high quality cutting of the bore. Many of the Russian hunters have mastered this kind of drilling, but about the intricacies of firing a weapon of many hunters little knowledge. Features and specifications of weapons with homemade meats are those that give a guarantee hanged precision shot at long distance than when using shotguns. One of the peculiarities of shotgun-type is a single unit in the complex «trunk cartridge».

For this reason, a round bullet that was meant for shotguns – threaded, does not in any way suitable. In principle they can use, but at a distance of more than fifty meters, the accuracy drops significantly. The best option for weapons with drilling «, super», will Pul special workmanship, otherwise called bullet Poleva. With their help, it is douching trunk, as balls are in a plastic shell, and the rifling of the barrel in contact is only she, and not the bullet itself. The effectiveness of the shot on the range has increased to 125 meters, which fully provides the hunting technique of the pen.

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