Hunting the corncrake — the habits,habitat and hunting options

Hunting the corncrake - the habits,habitat and hunting options

Derkach for quite a long time represented and will represent one of the most coveted trophies of every hunter. Hunting this is so much complicated and interesting. These birds typically rather secretive way of life, they almost all the time lost in the tall grass. Derkach is a rather literary name of this bird. In people, this small and nondescript bird, called the Dergach or Dergunov. This feathered belongs to the family of rails, a detachment of the cowherd boys. Urban residents probably don’t know Derkach. This bird is familiar to the residents of small settlements and villages, which I am sure you know her cries. In the spring and summer, the period when just starting to turn green grass, you can hear the unusual sounds that resemble wheezing, which gives Derkach. Sometimes it seems even strange is the fact that Derkach is referred to the varieties of field or Prairie birds, while the main places of its habitat are wet areas of meadows and fields, near wetlands areas.

It is in these places Derkach lives from the beginning of spring, finds a mate and brings Chicks. When the Chicks are a little older, entire families move to the forest edge, shrubs, and herbaceous bread. Body size corncrake little more quail. But long, thin legs and neck, creating a visual impression that the bird is of large size and weight. The plumage of the bird has a red-brown color with several stripes of black color. Derkachi very fast and run fast on the ground, but these birds fly with great reluctance. On earth, it is hard to imagine a bird that is more rapid and brisk than Derkach. Its location can always be identified by characteristic cry. Birds scream in the night, in the morning or evening twilight. Much less Derkach you can hear in the daytime. They begin to announce the neighborhood shouting, immediately upon arrival at the place of internship, somewhere between mid-may and continue to do so until mid August. From the second half of September, the birds leave their homes and head South. Many hunters do not consider Derkach significant trophy. However, the meat of this bird has a great taste and is very much appreciated.

Hunting the corncrake - the habits,habitat and hunting options

Cops are dogs, not willing to deal with the bird. The reason for this behavior lies in the fact that these dogs are very difficult to make a stand quickly runs away and escapes from the clutches of a bird. And the better educated and trained hunting dog, the harder it will be to raise Derkach. Pointing, at the slightest hint of the smell of game beginning quite actively looking for her and found doing a handstand, and cunning Derkach, slows down for a moment, and put on leaked all the blades. And while the dog gets to the place where he was noticed by the target, the bird manages to escape to a considerable distance. The dog resumes its search once again makes a stand and all steps are repeated again. Too active a dog begins to chase the Dergunov, which is successfully screwing with her head. It may greatly annoy the dog and even ruin the entire hunt.

For this reason, experienced hunters do not go for the mud hens with young dogs or beat not many of these birds. Even very experienced dog is very difficult and sometimes even impossible to lift off the seat Derkach. But for hunting dogs breed Spaniel, hunting the corncrake is a pretty fun and interesting. Derkach is the main trophy for paneelista. A dog of this breed is very concerned about the smell Derkach and therefore with this bird it works especially recklessly. Innate hunting sense and skills revealed Spaniel when hunting rail, and if the dog was able to successfully develop a hunt that in the future it will be able to work less efficiently with other species of birds and animals.

With a Spaniel is best to go on Dergunov at dawn or during the evening sunset. It was at this time Dergach feeds in open areas. A hunter with a dog should carefully examine the high grass, bushes and numerous ditches. In the process of hunting the main task of the dog is the detection of traces of birds or of her smell. If the dog will be very long to sniff out traces on the weather, it is necessary to withdraw and re-direct to the site, but this time to leeward. Thus, the Spaniel must have excellent flair and be able to distinguish at a distance of clear track and the smell of birds. And in order that the dog could get Dergunov fly shot, needs a decisive lead.

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