Hunting shotgun MC-109 and MC-111 their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

In Soviet Union, Tula arms factory has always been a leader among manufacturers of hunting rifles. The plant to the present time produces high-quality shotguns that include a hunting rifle MC 109 MC 111. Difference was the location of the guns in these two models, the MC 109 the location of the vertical, and the MC 111 is horizontal. Treatment guns made in the form of patterns or images of animals and hunting scenes. Design designed very well, making it easy to use the gun on many types of hunting. Also, these weapons products have a high build quality, reliability and safety in use manufactured in strict English style. Gift guns decorated with precious metals. The production of these models is not a party, and artificial.

The gun MC 109 trunks are weaned and their combination with stem box is accomplished using hooks, fore arm, movable joint, cross bar and frame lock. Separately mounted shutter release triggers and internal triggers the shock mechanism. In the process of opening the trunks, there is an automatic mixing Kurkov. For the safe use and removal of random shots the design includes fuse and perehvatyvaet Kurkov. With the help of ejector removal of spent cartridges happens automatically. Trunks from corrosion protected chrome steel, trickle is removable. A barrel length of 750 mm, and the size of the chamber is 70 mm. Permissible pressure of the powder gases in the chamber should not exceed 750 kg/cm2.

Gun MC 111 has a double-barrel design, which is located horizontally. This weapon was produced from 1971 to 2008, for all this time, the implementation has only received 300 pieces and meet the gun of such brands in regular stores weapons is quite difficult. On the creation of each gun employs highly qualified gunsmiths, engravers and lojanica. The product is subjected to artistic treatment, which is very complex and time consuming process. Naturally the price of guns like this brand very high. In Soviet times, such weapons were brought as a gift to the leaders of friendly States.

Hunting shotgun MC-109 and MC-111 their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

The percussion mechanism equipped with an internal trigger. The trigger mechanism has one or two trigger. The gun barrel is made of alloy steel, which is known for its high quality, and Lodge rifle made of walnut, using the wood carving. Empty cartridge cases are automatically nominated by separately installed ejector. The design includes protection against accidental discharge in the form of a fuse, also have kurotny perehvatyvaet. Its weight of 3.4 kg, barrel length – 750 mm. are suitable For firing 12-gauge cartridges with length of the liner 70 mm. Outer product is fully decorated in relief with chasing and engraving.

Guns have strong and sharp, but an even battle. Deviation from the aiming point is not more than five centimeters. All mechanisms are carefully adjusted, with no gaps and ducks. During the aiming and firing of the center of gravity of the rifles maximum shifted to the hunter. The butt is equipped with a bulge under his cheek, and the recoil pad is missing.

On the world market MC 109 MC 111 more than a decade competing prestige models from foreign manufacturers. On the basis of the constructions of these models of rifles created several modification – MTS 110 MTS is very similar to 111, but to create these guns are used less quality materials, and MC 109-12 for the technical characteristics different from the previous model by the presence of different diameter muzzle of the contractions.

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