Hunting rifle TOZ-34, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Domestic smooth-bore gun TOZ-34 is the most popular weapon among hunters for many decades. First gun the brand released, was Tula arms plant in the sixties of the last century. The main characteristics of the gun good balance, excellent accuracy of the battle, the reliability and simple modern forms. Many hunters purchased a TOZ-34 in the Soviet era and is still regularly use it for commercial and Amateur hunting.

Shotgun TOZ-34 has two vertically arranged barrel, vnutrikojnuu mechanism and light weight.

Weapons designed to fire conventional ammunition, buckshot, shot, metallic and non-metallic casings. The metal shell will affect the accuracy of the battle when shooting, it can be lower than specified in the Datasheet. To protect against corrosion, inner surface of the barrels are chromed. Complete with a gun can additionally be attached to the telescopic sight. Models of rifle caliber 12 and 28 produce in the artificial member and the gift type of performance. Gun caliber 20 is available in limited quantities. Rifle weight is usually not more than 3,20 kg, depending on purpose, the gun may be accomplished with the application of a simple engraving, or great to use for engraving precious metals, mother of pearl and intricate carvings. Gun TOZ-34 is much different than other hunting rifles. For the originality of the rifle Tula arms plant was awarded the gold medal at the fair in Leipzig.

Rib for the rifle is set to normal or ventilated. The second option is used to significantly reduce the weight of the gun. The practice of hunting has shown that when vented strap the barrels cool down a little faster than normal rear sight. The downside is getting into the strap hole of grass, twigs and mud while hunting.

The first rifle TOZ-34 had a big disadvantage – during disassembly and cleaning was difficult to separate the barrels from the receiver. After a series of improvements, this problem has been successfully resolved. Modern shotguns deal without applying much effort, it is only necessary to carefully study the manual and follow its provisions. To extract the fired cartridge cases, just open the receiver and removal of the cartridges occurs automatically. The gun has a firing mechanism which is equipped with an internal triggers, separate strikers and two trigger mechanisms of traditional actions. For safety use in all types of hunting rifle there is a fuse which excludes self-shooting weapon that reliably locks the sear of the trigger. Also the safe use of guns provides the simplicity and reliability of the design.

Shotgun TOZ-34 passed many tests before you start implementation. To verify the reliability of receive annually one rifle from the lot to send and subjected to exploitation in various conditions – the temperature, the ingress of water and dust. All test processes are gun shows good results. Every rifle is mandatory to check the relationship of the mechanisms and details, as well as the strength of the respective characteristics of the gun and barrels. All breakages guns come from non-compliance with rules of use by hunters, ignorance of the correct way to separate the barrel from the box and disregard the recommendations on the safe use of.

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