Hunting rifle TOZ 200 its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Hunting rifle TOZ 200 its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Tula arms plant constantly carries out new design the most advanced, compact and reliable in the use of weapons. Easier, of course, to stay on the successfully proven model and continue on its base to create new variants of shotguns. Over the past eight years the plant produced a large number of new models of double-barreled shotguns, are good quality. Was no exception and the latest invention of the Tula factory is a double-barreled shotgun TOZ 200, created on the basis of shotguns IZH-27.

Hunting rifle TOZ-200 is designed for industrial, Amateur and sport hunting, has a high density of combat, has a great butt and a perfect balance. The gun is compatible with cartridges class «Magnum», while the quality of the shots is not inferior to expensive high quality guns. The design of the gun is simple, yet original and unique.

Industrial, boxed, gift and ornamental design. For collectible guns as additional materials used carved wood and precious materials. The cost of these guns is much higher than ordinary. Future plans include development of advanced models for modern ejector cartridge cases and bullets, the only trigger and the ability to fire on the trench and round the stands.

Appeared in gun shops hunting rifle TOZ 200 caused buyers wariness and distrust regarding the quality and specifications of the new model. However, the engineers took care about the combination of proven designs and new innovative solutions. Hunting rifles still have to go through a lot of testing in real conditions of hunting.

Hunters who used the previous model, the Tula factory TOZ 34, claim that to dismantle the gun was quite difficult. The current model guns are lightweight in this regard, by equipping a conventional clutch, which is used to lock the gun, borrowed from sports designs. From the failure of the product to protect the long-term lever cocking.

Hunting rifle TOZ 200 its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

A hunting rifle was quite a solid performance. This is facilitated by the use of the cartridges class «Magnum». Its weight of 3.5 kg, and the total length is 750 mm. trunks Trunks are available with traditional types of contractions, in the future it is planned to develop guns with interchangeable muzzle attachments. The trigger mechanism is represented by two trigger hooks, mainspring plate with one pen, which significantly reduces the possibility of breakage. In the design of mechanisms the receiver additionally placed a special insert or a joint to strengthen the connection of trunks to the receiver. For ease of use and disassembly of the gun, the angle of placement of the insert just combined. With prolonged use, the hinge wears, for this in the design of the gun is provided in the receiver as a moving part. Replacing the hinge and adjusting the thickness of the frontal plate, it is possible to solve any of the rolling barrels.

TOZ 200 suitable for novice hunters for Amateur and sport shooting. To get used to the weapons, it is necessary before the main hunting several times to walk through the woods or in the field, to make a few successful hits the target and try to sit in shelters. The gun will serve well in the caring and capable hands, the mechanism of the weapon then it will not seem difficult. The cartridges must be not only high quality but also be suitable for this kind of rifles.

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