Hunting rifle TOZ-112 its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Hunting rifle TOZ-112 its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Tula gunsmiths have developed and introduced into production new model of a combined-type double-barreled TOZ-112. A shotgun, twelve-gauge with the bottom of a smooth barrel, designed for firing bullets, the length of core which is seventy millimeters. The upper rifled barrel type with self-loading mechanism and a magazine for cartridges of calibre of 4,5 mm with the annular nature of the inflammation. The weight of this model at a total length of 635 mm is three kilograms.

Such characteristics represent a very great convenience for hunters, who are engaged in industrial fishing wild beast. In another situation, for a successful outcome of hunting, he must bring two guns – one under the cartridge with a caliber of 5.6 mm, the second, smooth-bore with a caliber of not less than twenty. In this model, the gun connection both barrels produced in one unit. When transporting guns this unit easily detaches from the box of a trunk with removed forearm. Trunks arranged vertically that gives a high accuracy of the battle, as stem channels have a symmetrical arrangement with respect to the entire gun. It follows from this that when performing the zeroing of the gun, you only need to take note of the value of the ballistic data used cartridges ( caliber 20 caliber 5.6 mm). The smooth trunk on the bottom has a chrome type that is of great importance in the conduct of industrial hunting, as maintenance (cleaning) is not always possible. The chrome finish will protect the barrel from leakage of corrosive process and of the processes of erosion when firing.

Turning the lever you need to release the receiver unit and the simultaneous arming of the trigger, then the receiver unit makes a turn a few degrees, opening a way to the chamber smooth trunk underneath. You can now remove the barrel from the used cartridge, the cartridge and install the cartridge chamber for conducting further shots. Upon actuation of shafts in the operating position (turn), the spring actuates the placket, which closes them. This provides additional comfort in case of misfires do not require opening of the barrel smooth. Enough back to cock the trigger and to actuate the firing pin on the cartridge, located in the smooth barrel bottom.

In order to be fired from a rifled barrel type need to populate a store of ammunition, to make installation on the weapon, and using the shutter button located at the top of the box trunks ramming into the cartridge chamber cartridge. For this purpose, the shutter has a convenient handle. Shotgun TOZ-112 composed of the trigger is a single hook trigger and descent to two barrel, but the strikers have separate action. For placing the firing mechanism in the gun has a separate basis. Since in this model, single trigger, produces work for both barrels, the designers provided a translator for special manufacturing, with the help of translation which you are firing, or from a smooth barrel or rifled barrel type. For firing from a rifled barrel type, the trigger is cocked using the lever only to the first shot, and at the same time there is a jerk free slide back on the upper trunk. When this is removed the used cartridge sleeve and the hammer cocked. Then, moving forward under the force of the spring – store shall be sent the next cartridge in the rifle chamber. To make future shooting enough pressing on the hook descent. For security purposes, the trigger guard has a push-button type.

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