Hunting rifle TOZ-106r its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Smoothbore shotgun TOZ-106r is compact, with shortened barrel and folding metal butt. The gun is intended for Amateur hunting of animals and birds, use is possible in almost all climatic zones, except in areas with humid tropical climate. Weapons can also be used for shooting at short distances, protection of farms, fixed facilities and transportation. Shooting from a carbine is only possible with 20-caliber cartridges with a length of the liner 70 mm, there is also the possibility to buy weapons with the shop for 4 rounds. Reloading is done manually, with the help of bolted paddle with a hard circuit. An example of a gun conveniently rotates on the hinge of the rear side of the receiver and is down under the barrel. Closed length is 530 mm, and with an unfolded stock of the gun is increased to 820 mm. you can only shoot when open. Effective range of the bullet strikes the object at a distance of 20-50 meters.

Shotgun TOZ-106r shows excellent results when shooting at medium ranges, though it may seem not suitable for hunting. This compact camera can shoot waterfowl from a distance of up to fifty meters, even using buckshot. While moving along the forest trails the hunter does not notice the gravity gun, this factor is particularly important with long-term transitions. Its weight of only 2.5 kg and is packaged for transport in a special case with the presence knob. The gun does not require special maintenance, it is very easy to maintain. Compact size the barrel is quick to clean and the shutter simply wipe with a soft cloth. When compared with the full-fledged smooth-bore rifles TOZ-106r he, of course, there are drawbacks, but among the weapons of this class, it is a leader.

The use of guns in self-defense has long been practiced, the carbine this is the advantage enjoyed nationwide fame. The gun almost instantly to lead in combat readiness, thanks to its small dimensions. In large forests with the presence of a large predatory animal this kid has saved the life of hunters. Carbine when fired at close range hit the target better than any full auto rifle, if you apply the grapeshot or shotgun pellet ammo with a large number of charge.

Shotgun TOZ-106r you can use even novice shooters. In the Russian Federation is a shotgun is the shortest for public use and is popular. Under the legislation it is forbidden to use weapons with a total length of at least 810 mm, but folded TOZ-106r does not shoot. This enables the lock, which prevents the barrel from the shot. To create combat readiness is only a few times to practice at a certain skill, this process takes a second. Hunting especially big game with this shotgun is not available, but in self-defense with the right choice of ammunition such a weapon could always come in handy.

Accuracy Grabovogo shot in all cases remains high. Every pellet on target, not exploding on the sides. Selection of bullets for the guns recommended from all liability if the ball is of smaller diameter than necessary during the shot on the inner side of the trunk appear potholes. During this process ordereda chrome, and the rifle will eventually have to clean more often.

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