Hunting rifle IZH-58, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Hunting rifle IZH-58, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Izhevsk mechanical plant in the late fifties of that century, started to engage in mass production of guns, which are called IZH-58. In fact, this weapon was produced for thirty years and during this time, producers are regularly brought in different kind of refinement. IZH-58 to date, a very famous hunting rifle as Amateurs in the field of hunting and and hunter-fishers. Today we decided to talk in more detail about this weapon, as well as a few words will be said about the history and modernization.

From the beginning, the producers thought about what IZH-58 will be produced only two types of caliber, but rather the twentieth and twenty-eighth calibers, which as you might understand are intended for industrial hunting. However, after some time it was decided that the gun twenty-eighth calibre will come to realization only in a limited number, yet many hunters managed to get hold of these Pro-gun, who probably used today. As you know, mass production came IZH-58 twentieth caliber that gun is actually instantly received high popularity. The guns from IZH-58 as you might have already guessed are arranged in a horizontal position, and the total length of the trunks reaches up to sixty-seven inches, which in principle is not bad. The sighting bar, the producers decided to do recessed, and accordingly this was the main difference from all the other double-barreled shotguns. To all the barrels and bolts got a better defense, they had decided to chrome-plate. But a muzzle narrowing, the producers decided to perform parabolic, respectively, the right barrel got a contraction of only half a millimeter, but left the trunk of one millimeter. The fore-end to rifle IZH-58 can optionally be removed, and the trunks it is attached with the special clips. The pad was installed a special lock, which is a popular design Anson-Dilla. I want to mark also that was used a special spiral mainspring that produce a platoon when you open the gun. As you can see, the chicken in this rifle is installed with the retreat, and accordingly, they come back. By the way strikers it combines immediately with the chickens, but rather they are holistic.

I just want to mention that the fuse is made non-automatic, and accordingly, if the gun falls or by beating him, then closes the guard, the sear, and if there is a failure triggers with cocking, then they are in any case can not hit the primer and it was designed for advanced security. It is necessary to clarify the point that the very design of the fuse was designed so that during the descent of the hooks, the whole process is as smooth as possible. Surely you have to understand that if the gun is fully closed and latched, then the shot just can’t happen. In this rifle the trigger mechanism has two hook. Locking gun IZH-58 takes place by means of locking strips, which in turn has three hooks, two of them located at the bottom of the gun and one on top. Fired casings can be nominated from the chamber only through the extractor, and it can happen only in the moment when will be the opening gun. If you have already turned their attention to the appearance given gun IZH-58, then you probably could notice that the bed here there is a video, but in upgraded versions it can also be polupustyne.

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