Hunting rifle IZH 17 of its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Among professional hunters and ordinary fans by this time quite a popular hunting rifle IZH-17.In the ranking of this model is not affected by the fact that its release was held in the days of the Soviet Union. Hunting rifle IZH-17 was carried out at the factory in Izhevsk since the mid-sixties of the XX century to the early seventies. During this period, was released Izhevsk gunsmiths more than five hundred thousand rifles.

Hunting rifle IZH-17 in accordance with the technical specifications refers to the type of single-barrel shotguns with the trigger mechanism of descent. Most hunters tend to relate this model to the weapon generalist, primarily designed for hunting wild animals and birds. System loading rifle – single-shot automatic type. For firing from this gun the best option are the cartridges, the casings of which are made of paper or metal.

The narrowing of the muzzle is made on the receiver channel, and the role of the drill is the cylinder. The chamber and the barrel channel was made of chrome steel. Barrel length is in the range of seven hundred twenty and seven hundred eighty millimeters, the length of the chamber to seventy millimeters.

The locking barrel mechanism is actuated with a lever hinged type. If the barrel IZH-17 is in the open state, the shot is excluded from it. This security measure is present in the gun due to the content in the trigger mechanism cocking and release of the safety type. The hook of the descent plays the role of the sear, as IL-17, gunsmiths manufactured separately from the trigger is the firing pin. Due to the presence of the extractor when you open the trunk occurs early extension of the sleeve of the cartridge. A separate safety device in this model of shotgun was missing.

All models of weapons HML were produced in different variations. HML-1 was produced from the cartridge chamber and the receiver part, which was channel chrome type. In the model HML-2 were available interchangeable nadolnik with different contractions of the trunk. In one, and in another model nadolnik cheat manual method. For HML-4, which had a sixteen-calibre, produced false trunks rifled type, the length of which was one hundred and fifty millimetres with the caliber of 5,6 mm for cartridges with annular ignition type. All structural elements and details for IL-17, produced out of metal, had a black colour. For the production of the Lodge, which was in the form of polypetala, used solid wood, such as beech and birch.

Everything else on the sides of the gun were carried out decoration in the form of a special engraving. The production of IL-17 was serial, and for this reason the guns were different, so size and weight were different. Because the gun caliber of the thirty-second had a length of 675 mm and weighing 2.4 kg.

The twentieth caliber, with the same length is drawn at 2.6 kg the same weight had a model IZH-17 sixteenth caliber but its length was 730 mm. Updated rifle IZH-17 weighed less and the efforts of designers, its reliability increased, and a new level of quality has moved the trigger. Besides improved balance of the gun and its appearance. In addition to the above changes increased the life of the gun, and has improved the accuracy of firing. Maintenance for weapons of great complexity is not due to a simple device. One of the features of this model is the fact that it can be used for hunting in areas with all weather conditions.

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