Hunting rifle for firing in fraction

For shooting moving birds and animals, hunting weapons used equipped in fraction. Its use is most effective and allows them to carry out the process of hunting.

Now there are two main types of hunting rifles, namely:



Shompolnye rifles were distributed to the 30-ies of the last century. They had a fairly simple design, but charging them was through the barrel. But the main drawback of these models is in the long process of loading guns, so they were completely replaced by more modern models.

Modern cartridge rifles, appeared in the 19th century. Their advantages are obvious – you can do a quick reload weapons, and this greatly increases the efficiency of the use of guns and rate of fire. Models are charged a standard, unitary cartridges, so there are no compatibility issues with guns and bullets.

There are several options for cartridge guns:



•Models with three trunks.

•Very very rare are the guns with four barrels at once.

Hunting rifle for firing in fraction

Similar model can have one charge, some shotguns are equipped with shops for a few rounds. They may belong to a trigger device, or this element is hidden in the Shoe. Very rare to find the model rifle with a sliding shutter.

Very popular model with two barrels. They have horizontal or vertical position of the trunks, it all depends on the gun.

Double-barreled shotguns are usually built on a system of quitting trunks and their complete removal for cleaning and transportation. This design is very convenient for the hunter, but it can be loosened over time, there is a large gap, particularly when the use of stronger charges. A number of double-barreled shotguns used for reloading and removal of the cartridge drain bolt back. This is a more reliable option to use weapons, but these models are difficult to carry.

Hunting rifles have a caliber of from 12 to 32. Sport models run under 12 gauge, they are designed for the use of reinforced shells to destroy targets. All sporting guns are particularly robust, the parts fit exactly and are adjusted to each other, because they have to withstand high impact during firing.

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