Hunting rifle brand MTS 255 characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

255 mark MC hunting turret rifle produced in the plant TsKIB COO (Tula) and implemented in 1993. This gun is based on the drum scheme and to date has no analogues among domestic hunting rifles. In MC 255 successfully combined the reliability, and multitasking and five-charging it and smoothbore.

The basis of device guns taken folding drum 5 cartridge chambers. When shooting is samosvat and preliminary construction of the trigger. Extraction of spent cartridges happens after clicking the button to the left and down. A characteristic feature of gun MTS 255 is the fact that there are no cracks, and they could contribute to the leakage of powder gases.

In the construction of the trigger includes a special ledge, which is alternately corresponding grooves of the drum and locks the bolt with the barrel in coaxial position. Guard aren’t on the gun, locking trigger standard for revolvers. The gun has a cylindrical drilling of barrel and chrome plated inner surface. In the configuration of a removable barrel heads, as well as the key for their installation. Has the ability vented rear sight for a model of this gun provides the groove for an optical sight. Now for the gun given 5 calibers, such as 410,20,32,28 and 12.

Hunting rifle brand MTS 255 characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

When the probability of firing engaged you will get the opportunity for about 3.5 seconds to make 5 shots, but in this case, the stress is quite significant and relative sighting. In rifles a good balance contributes good accuracy of the battle and maneuverability, and virtually silent the construction of the trigger will ensure a comfortable descent. MTS 255 is choosing the right ammunition for each shot, which is achieved by rotation of the drum to the desired cartridge, this ability has no other hunting rifle.

«Price-shot» revolver hunting rifle is the most minimal, and extraction of fired cases already excluded uncontrolled release and, accordingly, their loss. High demand this is what a gun among the domestic fans to hunt. Of the benefits can highlight, such as high reliability, good flexibility, ease of use, mnogozadachnosti, excellent quality.

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