Hunting in the field with the classic gun,the correct choice of guns,training and sighting

Hunting in the field with the classic gun,the correct choice of guns,training and sighting

Today we decided to talk about how to behave in the field with a classic shotgun. Actually first we need to clarify what a double-barreled gun. Double-barreled shotguns come to us from the time of the first world war, only after, the period before the second world war had already begun to develop serious, we can say professional guns, which are distinguished by their quality and various parameters from the advanced equipment, in principle, is not surprising. Manufacture of double-barreled rifles occurs, and to this day, developers and companies are constantly introducing something new, thus encouraging their development hunters.

Some hunters for birds choose only horizontally, just based on the fact that it is convenient and like it, but if the hunter does not look at its appearance, then this weapon is a classic and is used in the hunt, not so often, though nowadays there are gourmets. Classic double-barreled gun, from the other characterized by its simplicity, in it there is nothing difficult, for example, in some guns there is a direct spoon, and two triggers, and this is not surprising. Some hunters choose the classic weapons with one trigger, we cannot really give right direction, as everyone chooses what he likes.

Let’s talk a little bit about the recommendations that are before the second world war gave the developers. In fact, these recommendations really correct and instructive, so we decided to bring them today. Classic double-barreled shotguns, are significantly different from other modern variants.

Now we will talk more about shooting from the shotgun. If the weapon is in good condition, then it is certainly ideal for modern hunting, which is also called «Peru.» If you are the owner of an ancient rifle, then do not just rejoice and come in delight, as you a lot of time will have to adapt to the weapon. Also in the old arms you need to replace any parts, and believe me, this case could become very expensive.

In particular, nowadays there are a large number of American guns which developers specifically adapted to fire head-on. These weapons are the most optimal for field hunting, but to buy an old model, lucky as they are not sold, and are not so cheap. Hunting with such a weapon, you can feel how easy it is, unless of course your gun will be properly prepared for hunting. In old examples of guns shifted down, so most hunters will carry out the upgrading for the better.

Before you go hunting with such a weapon, you should evaluate the overall situation as the weapon is suitable for hunting and only after that the final decision. First you should take some shots on the stand, and then you will be able to customize the gun, or to make any other changes to the technical part. When shooting at the stand, the sample must be on your shoulder while shooting should not be carried out on a trench or round the stand, since such testing would be unusable. Be sure to include all aspects of technical safety and before firing weapons check, as old, stale gun can cause your health harm.

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