Hunting grouse with bird of prey and out of the house

Currently, received a rebirth of hunting using birds of prey – hawks, eagles and falcons., but without professional knowledge in training these birds to a faithful helper and friend to conduct the hunt extremely difficult. For those who have a great desire to engage in falconry, publishers produced a special literature, also a lot of information can be gleaned from the Internet. And yet, how to choose a good bird? What kind of education to give the hunter with wings?

First and foremost, you must inform us, especially beginners who really or shoot or steal game with a bird of prey does not know that in a typical hunter-Rifleman result in hunting can be much higher than theirs. This is especially true of hunting for grouse, hunting birds which is extracted with great difficulty. According to the observations of experienced hunters who have hunting birds, very few of them have the ability to win the battle of the black grouse in adulthood, mainly their prey are the young hens and cocks. Even a hunter like the Northern Goshawk prefers easier prey, and that only individual instances eat for lunch older Kosachev. The best option of buying bird of prey has officially registered kennel. The purchase is documented, is performed banding and marking birds by all lawful means.

No less interesting and exciting this type of hunting on grouse, as from the entrance, which is described in classic works of literature for hunters. Before hunting with this method went on sleds or carts in a horse and carriage. To date, the rare hunter can boast of having horses, and are increasingly resorting to the help of vehicles, although in essence it is considered poaching. Machines are used only in order to find flocks of black grouse.

For hunting with the entrance you need to wait until late in the fall time or early winter, when the grouse flock with berry seats and field passes to produce food for the trees.Spotted grouse who are passionate about the process of feeding, hunters need to get close to him as close as possible. Then one of the whole team of hunters with the help of natural shelters quietly falls to the earth and hides in a secluded place, in that time, as the others continue to move. They distract attention from the grouse coming towards them from the hunter’s arrow, which only have to make a good shot.

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