Hunting for maral in Kazakhstan

Hunting for maral in Kazakhstan

Red deer is the largest deer of all species living on the territory of the Eurasian continent. This deer, have long been a cherished dream of every hunter. Today, the most common is considered to be hunting for maral in Kazakhstan. With the beginning of the season in this region you can meet hunters from all over the world. During this hunt you can meet individuals weighing up to 350 kg.

In early spring the males get rid of the Horny processes of the horns, which by this time mother for several processes. From the beginning of may has already begun the formation of new sprouts that Mature in early summer. In youngish horns, which are also called antlers, contains a useful component Pantocrinum, widely used in pharmacology. For the purpose of obtaining this component at this time often there is a mass destruction of the deer, though legal hunting season starts later. Gourmets largely appreciate the meat of this animal.

The body of the deer has a brown color, which passes into brown in some specimens. The animal prefers to live in deciduous woods or mixed type, which alternate with lowlands and meadows. This significantly complicates his search among the trees and bushes of the forest. And if the animal will silently stand behind thick bushes, it is quite possible not to notice at all. In this position, it can issue only okolokozhnoe spot white. Beautiful and branching horns adorn the head only of males, and long and strong legs give the animal the ability to quickly and very easily to move through the woods.

Maral is considered to be an extremely cautious beast and hunting for it is the destiny of professionals. The animal has well-developed senses. Such hunting requires silence and caution. Deer can smell humans, even at a distance, more than five hundred meters. These deer are generally characterized by a very hidden lifestyle. These animals eat mostly only in the morning or evening. In the daytime maral prefers to rest. Males during the mating period, a very loud roar, lose caution and can easily become the prey of the hunter.

Valuable products are considered to be deer skin, bone, valuable fat, delicious meat and expensive animal skin. Hunting season on this horned giant starts with the last days of summer and lasts until early November. Such hunting is often called still hunting for a roar. Site rut for such a hunt can be taken with the broken branches and even uprooted trees, places where the animal leaves marks and tournament venues, embossed hooves of animals.

A hunter who wants to get a trophy in the form of horns on the deer should be able to voice the rallying cry of the enemy. And to make it so that buck felt the call of the weaker beast. Favorable weather for hunting is considered a quiet, dry and warm weather. But the wind and any rain largely suppress the ardor of the male deer. Older specimens are more coarse and booming voice. Adults has high and tubular, but not low voice. The deer roar can be heard even at a distance of several hundreds and even thousand meters.

Rutting deer can last for months. But at the exact time duration can influence the fatness of animals, their mental attitude and number of animals. If hibernation of the animal was well-fed, the rut will be more intense and brutal. But if the winter is hungry and with the bad weather, the rut will proceed much calmer. It is worth noting that the male in the heat of passion may not notice the hunter. But the female will always be more careful. Therefore, if a hunter approached a male with a harem, he needs to pay more attention to females.

The most appropriate time for such a hunt is considered the beginning of the first month of winter. Hunting in Kazakhstan always takes place only in special areas in which hunters are always accompanied by professional hunters. Maral moves without leaving the area of the forest, and hunters must always be ready in advance this time. Huntsman, who knows the forest and has sufficient experience, can easily find several deer even in a small area.

Experienced hunters believe that to go on a hunt best horses, such as hunting typically requires a long movement. Animal you can catch up as quickly as possible, only if you choose the right route. Before shooting it is better to breath. The more accurate the shot can ensure the use of PCP rifles. On the horned giants deer hunting with the decoy or blind. But in this case it is best to walk alone. The most severe is considered hunting from the approach, which is carried out in days the fastest gun in the time of the peak activity of males.

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