Hunting for grouse in the spring means approach

One of the largest birds living in the forests, capercaillie. The dimensions grouse resembles a Turkey, and is considered the most hunters most desired catch. So basically these birds in the springtime, but in such Russian regions as the southern Urals and Bashkiriya their current can flow from July to August. In summer, capercaillie comes the moult, and during this period the birds get to dense, sometimes impenetrable, thicket of the forest. This files most often prey on capercaillie in three ways: hunting in the spring to the cock shooting game for current hunting and in the fall the brood fowl to chickens. A good helper in the conduct of hunting is the dog, where the best option would be the husky or Spaniel.

One of the most interesting and most successful ways to hunt grouse in the spring, is a list of such qualities of a hunter: patience, endurance, the ability to shoot accurately. Usually go hunting at night to set the place where the song of the capercaillie. Bringing a high degree of readiness of all quality of movement through the woods without noise, and various methods of masking, it is necessary to approach the bird, to wait until early dawn to make a very accurate shot. Importantly, to comply with the accuracy and production you provided. The mating season of the capercaillie starts very early, in other regions of Russia it is observed already in the early and mid-March, when the forests still covered snow. To set the location of the current, it is necessary to explore the forest in the daytime. Usually when a bird Lek, she draws circles in the snow tail, and place your current picks swamp surroundings, the hills growing shrubs and large pine trees, the edge of the forest with old trees. Direct current occurs on the tops of the trees, and when it begins to dawn, the male and the female go down and continue their courtship on the ground. Even during lovemaking grouse are distinguished by great sensitivity and incredible timidity, so approach them in the morning at the distance of an accurate shot almost impossible.

Good luck in hunting was on your side, it is best to know in advance the place of deployment and the number of capercaillies, the sound of the stomping ground. The people, such actions are of the nature of intelligence called the evening posloucham. Evening sometimes the hunter becomes noticeable the arrival of the first birds, which produces a lot of noise, and behind him begin to fly more. Stomping ground in the evening hours is very short, and once it gets dark, the birds begin to hide in secluded places. At this time it is not recommended to approach the grouse, and the more fire – these can harm tomorrow’s hunt and all disperse stomping ground. One single shot will lead to strong capercaillie fear, and they can leave your favorite seat for a long time. Having spotted the approach path to the current, the hunter carefully and silently out at 1 – 1.5 kilometres and settle in for the night. In a rather deaf and difficult areas it is possible to depart by 0.5 kilometer. Overnight is best to stay in the valley, to a glow of fire was less visible inhabitants of the forest. The yield on the hunting is conducted at night, an hour and a half before dawn. A stop should be done at 100-130 meters to current to your hearing must be exacerbated to the limit. As soon as he left the sky to show the outline of the forest silhouettes, you can also hear the song of the capercaillie, which consists of three sounds. After the first, similar to the metal «Hook», grouse stops and listens to every sound. Followed by the sound of the second «to – Kyo», which provides for the beginning of the current, and the third sound «kitsura», the hunter should begin his duties. At this time the grouse hears nothing.

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