Hunting for Fox based on breed of dog

Hunting with dogs for Fox is the most common and exciting type of hunting. Requires careful preparation as the hunter and his four-legged assistant. Superior knowledge of the habits of foxes, the location of the holes and places of residence. This beast hiding in the bushes, ravines, avoiding open areas. Once the dog got the scent and started in pursuit of the Fox, it tries to hide in its hole. To avoid this near the hole there is 1-2 hunters, and another goes on hunting with dogs.

Fox is a very cunning animal who is running away, trying to cover their tracks, not runs across the open landscape and making large circles. Unlike chasing a hare she can’t do jumps on a long distance. If the dogs chase the Fox rather quickly, no time to hide, and she runs straight up hill and down Dale. The downside of such a chase is that the hunter impossible to aim and hunting may be significantly delayed.

Hunting Fox with hounds is interesting. On the trail of a Fox, they are released and dogs, quickly chasing the Fox, declare a forest, leaping barking. Fox, running away, trying to cover his tracks, pulling away from his pursuers at a considerable distance. Sometimes she manages well to confuse the dogs, but hunters, intently following the Fox, not to allow her to hide in burrows or hide. You must also choose the prospective locations for shooting, locations hunters should be in everyone alleged hiding places of foxes.

If hunting takes place in bad weather – snow, rain, frost, strong wind, then the Fox hides in a hole and not go in search of food. Come to the aid of dogs Norn breeds – the Fox Terrier, Dachshund and hunting Terrier. Hunter with dogs in turn bypasses the habitat of foxes. If you have identified a Fox, she is pursued by dogs through the underground maze, trying to confuse them and get away from the chase. It so happens that the dog grabs and pulls the forest into the open and remains the only hunter to shoot.

Hunting with greyhounds in our time is rarely used. Dogs of these breeds love the open space and hunting with them in terms of thickets or swamps impossible. Seeing in the field is resting quietly of the Fox, the dog let go and they’re chasing forest animal, bite and crush it. Borzoi inherent speed and swiftness, which is only one shot when the dog in a split second catching the Fox.

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