Hunting for deer,choosing a weapon,ammo and place

Hunting for deer,choosing a weapon,ammo and place

The ROE deer is very tasty and tender meat. This animal, which is found in the Central regions of Russia, the Far East and Siberia. Length deer reaches up to 2 meters and a weight of 25-30 kg. There are 3 kinds: Siberian, far Eastern and European, which is associated with the places of their residence. The coat of the ROE deer has a reddish-brown coat, which in winter is changed to grayish-brown. These animals are very fast, can reach the speed of 60 km/h. It has a well-developed sense of smell that helps it hide from predatory animals. Mostly loves the open space among the rare forest or grassland clearings. Resting after a meal in dense thickets or tall grass. In the winter, hiding in shallow pits, bask and hide there. Fed on acorns, moss, fine twigs of trees and shrubs.

For hunting deer choose a smooth-bore or rifled weapons.

The first type is characterized by the ability to sight and shoot from very close distance. Smoothbore guns are not a hindrance to trees, bushes, tall grass and other vegetation. They are very reliable and have accurate aim. The main drawback is the inability to make accurate shots over long distances, padded animal can run away and stay long time in pain and become easy prey for predators. The effectiveness of this hunting drops dramatically.

For a rifle, it is recommended to use a large caliber, just shoot to kill or cause a painful shock that makes it impossible for prey to escape. Different penetrating power and quality of weapons of the brand: «Tiger», «Vepr», «Elk», «Bear», and their various modifications. But it is worth considering that if the animal has not touched the vital organs, it can easily confuse the issue and hide in a place without a hunting dog to find a wounded animal is impossible. A shot from a rifle may be carried out only in the open countryside, due to the fact that it bounces. We should not forget about safety during the shooting of this weapon. If you are hunting near the settlement, with colleagues or in conditions of poor visibility, make sure the close shot will not be people.

Ammunition for smooth-bore guns are expensive and their use is sometimes quite impractical. Randomly selected bullets cannot be guaranteed to achieve their goals and often leave wounded game. The best ammunition you can build at home, with their own hands. To do this we need to purchase specialized hunting stores plastic shells and smokeless gunpowder. Put on powder plastic wad, then the wad of oslany volosovych materials and wood. At the end of this design is attached to a cardboard strip with thickness up to 2 mm. you need to Put rows with the same number of pellets in each. More than 10 rounds of firing is not necessary.

Hunting out early in the morning, not yet dawn. Weather should be rainy, with little wind. A number of hunters RAID the deer. Beaters reproduce the noise, and the rest remain on the ground with guns prepared. Deer can pop up at any moment.

Hunting with the ambush characteristic in places where deer are to be driven a lot. For such hunting should prepare a feeding ground, and near them the hunter must disguise themselves and wait for the animals. Choose deer with big horns. This will mean that you shoot an old male, and save the young generation of ROE deer.

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