Hunting for corncrake with a Spaniel, study area of residence and habits for a successful hunt

Book hunting and name – Derkach – the same, but a native Russian name is Dergach or Dergunov. The audience of the big cities and especially capitals are slightly familiar with Crake, but all the villagers had about enough of the restless singing of this bird. Summer and spring are the time when you can hear the hoarse and discordant cries, they actually have similarity with repetitive jerking.

It may seem strange the fact that Derkach consider field or Prairie fowl, as its usual habitat is Luke, which not only are located close to wetlands, but sometimes quite wet. In these places Derkach lives in the spring and raising the offspring, but after that they go first in the bread, then in a grassy deposits and boundaries, and forest clearing.

The Dergunov size no larger than quail, however, because of its long legs and neck can seem much larger. The Dergunov covered with red-brown feathers, with oblong, a small, dark stripes. This bird flies very reluctantly, but quite fast. It is hard to imagine a bird more quick and nimble on the ground than Derkach.

If somewhere there is a Dergunov, he’ll shout. His cry you can hear even three hundred meters, usually in the evening or in the morning and much less during the day. Dergunov start screaming as soon as I arrive, that is somewhere in the middle of may and finish a «song» in early August. South korosteli fly to the end of September.

As a trophy Derkach little interest. Appearance it is inferior to the woodcock or snipe. But the gastronomic properties are very good.

Legaladvice not dobavlyayut Dergunov due to the fact that the hunt is using the setter causes difficulties. The better trained a setter, the more difficult it becomes to raise Dergunov, as, hearing it close enough, the dog immediately stand up in the rack, and Dergunov at this time to embarrass her to run away with incredible speed. When the dog will rush to the spot where was the bird, he Derkach will have twenty fathoms. Then all will repeat the same scenario exactly as long as the dog does not scare Dergunov, and it really spoils the setter. Due to the fact that to raise the corncrake it is difficult even for an experienced dog hunters prefer not to hunt for him with young.

But hunting Dergunov with a Spaniel very exciting and gambling. Derkach is one of the main birds for any paneelista. Spaniels are hunting for them with passion, as the smell Dergunov gets the dog excited. While hunting this bird can most effectively realize all of the hunting qualities of spaniels. When the dog become more familiar with this hunt, she could easily go to any other type of game.

Hunting for corncrake with a Spaniel, study area of residence and habits for a successful hunt

Hunting the corncrake is this: dog hook scours the land in front of the hunter, with a waste of about twenty-five to thirty meters. Need to move at a slight angle to the wind, or against it. Best time – evening or morning dawns, that is, when korosteli fed enough open spaces. You need to carefully examine the edge of the tall grass, drainage ditches and bushes. The most important task is to find traces of birds or the smell. In that case, if the dog is long retained in korostelina the weather, you must revoke it and then lead again, but this time to another area so that the dog could take the smell of the Dergunov, or, for example, to circle the dog around bills so that she could find a fresh trail.

While hunting dogs work the need to develop the ability to use instinct, so she could quickly distinguish a smell Dergunov from the smell of his trail, and energetic connections that should force the rail to take off.

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