Hunting elk with approach and return with a trophy

Moose hunting is a very exciting experience, but it is subject only to hunters who have a lot of experience and patience. It is best to go hunting after the light snowfall when is a clear imprint of animal tracks and not hear your steps.

The presence of the wind also plays into the hands of the hunter, creating an obstacle moose in clear audibility of extraneous sounds in the woods. The best option for hunting this forest giant will be a team of hunters composed of 2-3 people that are first very carefully examine the forest, but identifying a fresh track start to diverge to the sides. As a rule, one of the hunters remains near the track, and others go around in a large circle, thus, left and right, cutting off the path to this wild animal. If the attempt fails, repeat it, without losing sight of the trail. Detecting the presence of moose, running ahead of the hunters, begin to gradually come inside the circle, trying to determine the place of maturation. When hunting for elk this method, consider the one feature that the beast often appears unexpectedly, and to aim and shoot accurately, the hunter of the allotted seconds. When hunting a large animal on the European continent we must not forget about security measures, as too large a probability of causing injury of a hunting companion while conducting indiscriminate firing.

The question arises – what is the place to shoot a moose, that at the least expenses of time to achieve maximum results? One of such places on the body of a moose is neck. In the neck are all the major vessels of the circulatory system and also the vertebrae. Exact hit in this place gives the animal no chance to advance further. Nice shot in the breast area, especially in the location of the heart (the lower edge of the blade) stops a moose in just a few minutes. Shot in the lungs, it is also possible to secure a good trophy, but still need to catch up. The pursuit of the moose immediately after it is injured, will not give positive results to the hunter, it is best to give him a little space to feel safe and lay down. In this condition it can be easy to pick up. If this wild beast goes straight for the hunter, do not run, you should remain calm, very good aim and make an accurate shot in the center of the chest.

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