Hunting dog: pointer,what you need to know about this breed that would be to choose the right dog

Dog breed pointer was originally bred in England. In fact, at that time carried out various experiments, and then took smooth Spanish and Italian dogs, which were resistant also to the French «Brekky» or Spanish origin. Actually the output is really the right breed for hunting, you need a considerable amount of time.

Already in the late XVIII and until the beginning of the eighties of the XIX century, the pointer was crossed with the English Greyhound, only it happened in a limited manner. In addition, if you pay attention to the form, which in that time managed to get the pointer, you can immediately determine that in some cases, however, there was a cross them with English dogs breed bulldogs and greyhounds. At the end of XIX centuries all kinds of experiments with mixtures was completed. In the mid-seventies in Russia, the pointer was already in large numbers of individuals, also at this time, it spread rapidly throughout Ukraine.

In the Soviet Union was carried out breeding work and you can tell right away that she was successful, as the improvement Poynter had reached a high level, respectively, this breed of hunting dogs far exceeded even modern foreign breed. Breed is pointer refers to the most graceful and elegant of all dog breeds that exist today. Blood pointer is very slender and light the other, while it is possible to detect a clear muscle. This breed of dog hunters often used in hunting on the steppe, swamp or upland game.

The pointer actually there are a large number of positive qualities, but rather it relates to high stamina, great instincts, and most importantly – the inherent stand on the bird. This breed gained enormous popularity due to the fact that they are very fast and most importantly just to train, while taking a couple of times with a dog on the hunt, she will gradually coached and understand the essence of what is happening. The growth of the breed at the withers is from fifty-six inches, to sixty-four inches, and branch on these parameters is reduced to three centimetres.

Let’s talk a little about the behavior of these dogs, because if you are interested in purchasing a dog for hunting, then this information you need to know. Pointer is a calm dog, but at the time very often takes the energy and love active way of life, while movement of the pointer is energetic, free and elastic. Poynter is a very hardy breed, as they have a lot more than other hunting dogs.

The color of the pointer there is only one color, if you go to the market, and you will offer pointers of two or more colors, then I can safely say the seller about what he is trying to deceive you. After pointers going in only one color and can be fawn, coffee, or black, but can be other colors, but they will still be monotone. Do not forget that on the face of the dog may be detected white spots, they can also be placed on legs, tail or chest. These spots are not large.

Currently, there are two pointers, they can be black and tans, coffee piebald, red or yellow-spotted, some dogs you will be able to notice the ticking. The coat of the dog must be short, of course, if you choose Poynter, the coat tight to the body, and the hair shiny and elastic.

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