Hunting carbine TIGR, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Created in 1969 on the basis of the Dragunov sniper rifle (SVD) self-loading hunting carbine «Tiger» can rightly be considered one of the best carbines of domestic production. «Tiger» is designed for hunting large predator, close a meeting that could end badly for the hunter.

In the 90-ies was upgraded carbine «Tiger» with the requirements of the legislation of other countries and wishes of the local consumer. As a result, the world saw the model «Tiger-1» (nowadays «Tiger»). A modernized version of the rifle changed his appearance, got the universal mount optical sights of various brands, the muzzle flash suppressor (which reduce recoil) and a modified buttstock with pistol grip.

Now the Izhevsk machine-building plant produces three versions of this rifle. The classic «Tiger», designed for firing ammunition of 7.62*54R, «Tiger-9» cartridge 9,3*64 and carbine «Tigr-308» is used with cartridges .308WIN(7,62*51). Reloading a hunting rifle is a result of the use of energy of powder gases discharged from the barrel to the gas chamber. «Tiger» is fitted with a lever safety. Effective range of a carbine with open sights is 300 meters. Wooden elements of the arms are made of beech, walnut or birch. In some versions the tree is replaced with high impact plastic. The special production process of the barrel «Tiger» is unique, because it bore a reliable and durable (after all, in the last stage of the barrel is subjected to chrome plating).

The manufacturer suggests the following modification of multicharged hunting carbine «Tiger»:

— hunting butt;

— orthopaedic wooden butt;

— with plastic butt (like OVD);

with a metallic folding buttstock;

— with a plastic or wooden barrel plates;

with long flash Hider, short, or no.

At the request of the hunters can buy a carbine with a pre-installed telescopic sight, case and strap.

Hunters love the carbine «Tiger» for his reliability, convenience and simplicity to the operating conditions. The weapon has a high density, excellent prekladatelu and balance. The only downside of the rifle is its weight, compared to imported analogues.

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