Hunt wild boar,some features of the behaviour of the beast you need to know

Any of the hunter light snow, called by the word «powder», causes a feeling of freshness, its sound like the call of a hunting horn, which calls hunting a wild boar in the forests. The process of hunting for this beast causes a rush of adrenaline, no less than the production of such a trophy as a bear.

If the boar feels the danger of his overweening or mountain river, nor the steepness of the cliff. Not every animal will make its way through the solid wall of reeds or dense Bush for wild boar is not a problem. He is very agile and daring that adds even more excitement to the hunter, which now has one thought in mind: «I’ll get you!». But there it was, even surrounded by hunting dogs wild boar looks a worthy opponent, and any negligence of the dog may cost her her life through the fangs of the beast.

In the process of hunting, there is one feature – not front to meet a wild boar, this is best done on the side or rear, while maintaining extreme caution. If the wild boar feels threatened, he with great speed move straight through the path that is familiar only to him. Slightly breaking away from the chase, the boar makes an abrupt stop and starts to sniff. If the air smells bad, he continues on his way with even greater speed, and appeared on his way the hunter will just run down. To avoid such troubles the hunter that takes place on the boar path, you need to be very careful and better to step aside, take the gun and make accurate shot.

Boar hunting is not an easy walk in the woods, and that it was successful, you need to overcome a lot of difficulties — and therein lies its appeal. Wild boar has extraordinary vitality and non-fatal wounds for him a trifle. The result of the hunt was successful, a true hunter must have excellent knowledge and be proficient with their weapons and have other qualities of a strong and resolute man. Great patience is needed in order to spend the night in ambush, and if we have to do alone, but still far from any settlements, you will need a courage. Your move, alarmed by the barking dogs of the wild beast begins far from the location of the hunter, and prosecution of impassable forest thickets, rolling hills, swamp, entirely covered with bumps, it requires incredible endurance and physical fitness.

The value of the extracted trophy in his very tasty meat and the skin, which produce durable leather products. If produced wild was the wild boar with huge tusks, its head with some part of the head is a decoration of the Museum hall or living rooms in hunting lodges. Best of all, the blind boar with the first snow fell, to arrange for the ferry, on fields that were planted with rice or corn, animal trails, forest reservoirs.

In most cases, the fishing of wild boar, collected in a separate group of five to seven hunters, of whom three or four are the numbers and the other team, along with the beaters. In the Transcaucasian republics is very common boar hunting big hunting groups, and if everything is organized at a high enough level it gives a very good result.

In special cases, hunting wild boar store with a large number of purebred dogs who are trained this beast. Not inferior in agility hunting dogs, they can not only hunt down the boar, but to detain him until the arrival of the hunters, tightly taking in the ring. Now the result of hunting solves one well-aimed shot.

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