Hungarian pointer – everything you need to know to choose the dogs for hunting

Specimens have an average height, the height of the cables at the withers is 57 to 62 cm, females less than a couple of inches. Slim and powerful dog with a strong powerful muscle tone and good strong bone. Brave, hardy, energetic, lively, kind. During the search – moves moderately fast gallop.

Specimens differ pale yellow color with slight Golden tint, sometimes on the paws and chest are white spots.

Coat pointing a short, soft and straight. On the head and ears is softer than on the body. When the content in the home the undercoat is missing.

Dogs of this breed have strong bones and pronounced muscle tone.

When viewed in profile, the head is wedge-shaped, parietal part is wide and flat, occipital protuberance small size. Eyebrows implied, between the forehead and muzzle smooth transition. The muzzle is straight, broad goes on narrowing towards the bow. Lips tight tight jaw, the upper lip is slightly beveled, the corners of the mouth there is a small crease.

Ears rather short, thin, drooping, set on slightly below eye line, stay a bit slow.

The eyes are small and have a dark brown or brown. Eye shape is oval.

The bite is scissors-like, well developed teeth, white, tight to each other.

Muscular neck and dry, skin folds are absent closer to the blades noticeably extension.

Chest moderately broad and deep, lowered to elbows, well developed false ribs.

Withers stands out clearly above the line of the back is strong, well developed. The back is muscular, straight and wide. The loin is slightly arched, strong, broad, muscular. The belly is tucked up, is no abrupt transition.

Given the front shows that the breed has straight and parallel front legs, muscular shoulders, elbows held tightly to your chest and look back. Shoulders in oval section.

Given the rear can be noted: straight and parallel hind legs, pronounced and strongly developed hock. At rest, the limbs are directed backwards.

Paws are oval in shape, with the fingers clenched into a ball, nails appear pink and pointing down.

The thick tail is not docked by one third. In the active state, the tip of the tail is slightly above the topline.

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