How, where and what to fish for grayling?

All probably know that the grayling fish is very cautious. With this statement agree to any fisherman if this is true of places in densely populated areas or water bodies which are frequented by a large number of people. But in remote places, grayling as careful no way.

In such places, the grayling can go to the fisherman directly and feet to take the fly at a distance of less than half a meter. From this we can conclude that caution is the quality of the grayling that live in close proximity with people.

The choice of location for grayling fishing

Great importance is the choice of the place where will be carried out directly by the fishing grayling. Many believe that this fish can be easily found in each roll, however, this is not the right idea. It is a mistake to expect to catch grayling on the first roll. When selecting a location need to consider many factors, it is the bottom shape, the bend of the river, the depth of the bottom of the roll, how steep banks on both sides of the river. Usually a large number of grayling can be found on the roll which is located just downstream from where the steep coast more. Also you need to know and such a feature, in the shallows where only one Bank is steep, grayling usually in abundance, but in the case of rolling, both sides have steep banks, grayling in such places should not look. Also the presence of grayling, demonstrated by the rolling of large stones, the more, the more this place will fish. It is recommended to look for this great fish in those places where the overhanging trees over the water, a favorite place for Parking grayling is turbulence which follow the rapids.

It is believed that grayling in the summer leads a sedentary life, however, is misleading. Experienced fishermen noticed that if in one place to catch all the fish, after five days in this place will again be in abundance.

Grayling fishing in mountain rivers

Grayling fishing in the mountain rivers is very peculiar. At first glance it may seem that in the shallows no fish, only some small thing to collect insects on the water surface. However, the first impression is deceptive, the larger the fish, the more it will be cautious. The only exception will be the representative who came to the rapids, in such cases, in the pursuit of grayling food just jumps out of the water, but this happens very rarely.

Grayling can very well camouflage among the rocks, and how not to try to see, it is very difficult, because he knows how to blend in with the water. Generally grayling to notice is not easy, because it has excellent mimikriya abilities, so in the dark water, it becomes dark, and if the water and light it too bright.

In the spring after come to be, grayling rises on the river bed, as cold weather descends again, leaving chilled through stations and going to deeper places.

Grayling fishing in the early winter and late autumn

At the beginning of winter as soon as ice begins to cover the river, the grayling can be easily caught from the ice. Despite his caution, this fish is fooled easier than others, you should offer him a fly, he did not hesitate to grab it. However, such good bait in fast water, if you fish in the floodplain, the use of flies is absolutely useless. In stagnant water it is best to use natural bait, but need to be applied depending on the season. In the spring it is best to use larvae of beetles, they are very easy to find under the bark on old stumps. These larvae are white and therefore clearly visible in the water. Later, when the water brighten grayling well enough variety of flies, then comes the turn ovodda and horseflies, but do not forget about the flies, they fish will not give up ever. Starting with July comes the turn of grasshoppers and cicadas, this lure works the longest.

In the late autumn grayling practically ceases to bite, although splashes on the water so much that it seems that the fish here just millions. This can be explained very simply, with the onset of cold weather, the surface water is just an incredible amount of insects brown standing on legs adrift, it is for them and chasing grayling. On another feed at this time, the grayling does not pay any attention, only at dawn or before sunset can be taken on worm or beetle larva.

Speaking of tips, don’t forget about the live bait. Better live on grayling is considered a minnow. This fish is designed for this purpose, it is small and very tenacious. The largest grayling was caught this fish. During the day, for grayling characteristic frequency of biting.

Grayling-a fish is very shy, however, always held with great dignity, if it is removed from their homes he will be back there in a few minutes.

Throughout the summer, grayling are taken on a perfectly normal worm. In the spring of the year the water in the pond is turbid, it is usually caught on trotlines, as bait used the same worm.

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