How, where and what to catch carp in the summer?

The carp is a freshwater fish that belongs to the kind of carp found in ponds. There are three species of fish: flake(common), mirror, bare and linear. Summer is the best time for successful fishing. And some would not be bad weather, a good catch will be able to compensate your time and energy.

Tackle and rigging for carp

Selection of the proper tackle for this fish, one of the main factors of a successful catch. The rod for carp must be rigid and do not bend, length from 4 m up to 6. The fishing line diameter from 0.24 mm to 0.40, and may be even more, depending on what kind of fish to expect. The hook should be short shank lug bent inward or straight. It needs to be so sharp that when you press the sharp side on the surface of the nail, it does not slip. The float capacity from 0.9 g to 2 g, with a short keel, the shape of the float teardrop — shaped, when you throw in the water should remain a small part of the antenna(1-2cm). Spinning should be with tough knees, with hard base and durable coil. The coil needs to accommodate more than 300m fishing line for long casts. For leads on spinning used fishing line 0.20 mm, length 10-15cm, and flat sinker, which gets easier with a soft bottom. Snap-in ready.

Lures and bait

Carp love the variety of bait and mostly feeds from the bottom. Caught on corn, peas, dough, potatoes, maggots, wheat, coarse worm(mostly, but sometimes on normal), anyway. There are various baits with the smells, flavors and taste that you can buy in the store. Sometimes they help, but it is always better to trust to the natural product. You can use corn porridge, dried milk, crackers. Here are some recipes for baits carp:

Recipe No. 1. Fry canola in a pan, add the flour, and add flour and water. Mix it all together. Should be very duhmjanyj fill, not solid, so not to fall apart in the hand and dissolved into the water.

Recipe №2. Steamed sunflower seed cake, add the crackers, sprinkle them with corn meal and cover with water. Mix.

Recipe No. 3. Cook corn until soft, pour the milk house and pour two packs of vanilla.

Recipe No. 4. Steamed peas and add fried hemp.

After making bait, and training gear, you have to go and find a place for carp fishing, it is possible immediately to fill the bait that the fish came up and after some time to return with the rods.


To determine where fishing should be approached seriously. Before choosing the venue itself, look to the water. To see where the fish is discharged, or there are signs of its movement. To locate carp can be the bubbles that go from the bottom when he in search of food. Carp like to hang out in the reeds, and algae near the shore. In hot weather you should find it in cold places, in the depths. No need to catch surrounded by a few fishermen, if there is a free and quiet place — need to go there. Fishing pressure and noise can drive the carp, and this fish shy.

The article describes only a small part of the theory of how to catch the fish. But most importantly, it’s hope. What would the gear not figured out what bait is not produced would, without hope, and patience is a waste of time. Now, when the gear is assembled, the bait and falling asleep in the fishing bag, you can go to the chosen place of fishing this amazing, tasty and beautiful fish.

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