How to wear a weapon for hunting

Today in this article, we will talk, and give the correct answers about how to carry a gun for hunting, probably this article will be useful for novice hunters. Remember that bear arms is very important in terms of safety for all participants of the hunt, of course, in the event that it is held by the collective group. Improper carrying of weapons may lead him; the type of damage that ultimately can lead to very expensive hunter. If you plan to go hunting alone, then the most convenient and most importantly safe way, will bear arms on the elbow of the left hand, while right hand holding the neck of the Lodge.

How to wear a weapon for hunting

If you decide to go hunting with his dog, then ambush during transitions, we recommend that you carry your gun on a strap over the shoulder, the trunks should be up. During target practice or on the bench, it is recommended to carry weapons in the open holding it in his right hand. The button that is the fuse should only switch with the thumb of the right hand and need to do it during discounted. If you trigger the gun, then chicken needs to be lowered, and to erect them only in the time when you plan to do a shot.

When you need to cross a difficult area or locality, the weapon must be in the discharged form. When performing charge or discharge the barrels of your guns have to be aimed at the ground or at the sky. Although the second option for you is sure to be inconvenient, as the gun has enough weight and held in this position, the charge or discharge will be extremely difficult.

Sometimes the hunt may happen is when the gun fires a loaded cartridge, in this case, you need to get a puller, but in any case not to knock it out of veneer with a muzzle, as there can be a shot, but it will be dangerous for your health and the health of others. Be sure to remember that with strong strokes of the ramrod, the powder will start to shrink, and this can only lead to the detonating explosion.

On the hunt in no event it is impossible to make shots as long as you will not be able to determine that you will make the shot. Shooting shot charge can be dangerous at a distance of 150 to 200 meters.

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