How to use processed cheese in fishing in molt.

Molts – not a very rare fish, it is available even every beginner anglers. But, however, not all can confidently declare their intent to catch it molting. More often it happens.

This fish is the accompanying component to the main catch, for example in the production of crucian carp in small ponds. Very rare fisherman deliberately sent to catch her, and if he managed to open the habitat of this fish.

But if you recover fishing in a different pond, it is impossible to specify the purpose of its activities as fishing in molt. This is a realistic situation. From which we can conclude that the main criterion for molting fishing is luck.

And yet aware of the experiences of fishermen who have spent years purposefully catch it molting. And success factor is a common processed cheese. Having experienced its suitability for baiting, it became clear that fish is a product extremely pleased. But this does not mean that you need less to prepare meticulously for fishing. First we need to find ways to clear space. Excellent location for fishing is not successful in the enterprise of fishing for tench, which is very attracted to the thick reeds. Therefore, the Ling shows interest to the nozzles in the field edge thickets.

You need to be prepared for the fact that large line will be very hard to pull out of such places. But small and medium-sized molting is an important and desirable prey for the angler, and to get them will be much easier. Because the weight of the average molt is four hundred to six hundred grams. Larger fish, which in abundance is found away from the coast is unlikely, often hiding in snags and other underwater objects, from which they pull out is almost impossible. Make no mistake, hoping to catch Lin in places where it is not growing cane.

That practically means to «prepare a place»? You will need to hack in the reed plot, and remember, the stronger the reed, the more there will be a welcome for you extraction, which is much more size and weight. And so clean with great care, cutting the cane just under the root. It will have to dive into the water, pulling stems of the plant. Equipping the area so that you will provide a place that brings a steady success throughout the summer season.

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