How to use felt wads

A necessary condition when equipped with a hunting rifle is the presence of a felt wad and a cardboard strip.

The powder wad isolates the combustion of the powder charge. Therefore, the powder gases do not penetrate into a fraction, which increases its accuracy and makes it less messy when fired. The impact force of the powder gases is softened, the share fractions will not be deformed, and the energy for throwing the projectile is best used. A cardboard spacer is required to ensure that the powder gases cannot penetrate through the wall salenow in the middle of the felt wad and doesn’t pass oselku in the charge. It wad has a direct impact on the speed of ignition and combustion of gunpowder.

How to use felt wads

Quality powder wad is elasticity and ease. It is made of high quality felt is quite dense and does not contain impurities. If making wads carried out at home, you need to use a clean felt. It is not recommended to use the soles used boots, as they can be sand particles that will scratch the inner surface of the barrel. Optimal weight of the powder wad 1,3-2G, it depends on the density and thickness of material used. Height ranges from 0.7 to 0.12 cm depending on caliber. The shape of the wad needs to be strictly cylindrical, without oblique angles, curves, walls, irregularities, not to shrink and expand in the middle part. The fulfillment of these conditions ensures that the wad when fired, will not shift to lay on his side will not be too heavy and will not adversely affect the quality of the shot.

The key point is salvania powder wad. It is known that the walls of the wad are faced with the inner surface of the barrel. Therefore, they should be well ocaleni to obturate and reduce the intensity of the effect of friction. For salvania typically, a mixture of wax and vaseline (35% to 65%) or paraffin and vaseline (30% to 70%). In the warm season it is recommended to give preference to only wax. In winter, the mix has to be paid fat. To proclivity need only the lateral edge in contact with the inner surface of the trunk, leaving intact the middle. Otherwise, the plugs will be unsuitable for the shooting. Full Osaka will increase pressure when a shot that causes damage to the locking mechanism of the gun, and deformation (blow-up) of the trunk.

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