How to upgrade an air rifle Mr-512

Today there is the opportunity to conduct an independent modernization of air rifles and today we decided to talk about how to upgrade the model rifle Mr-512. Of course, as you can understand, the update will be internal, although if you want you can do a little tuning and the external side of the air rifle. Given a rifle, or rather Mr-512 has almost the maximum stroke of the piston, and accordingly has considerable popularity among various people. Now, let’s talk about what’s going to be for modernization, and for what purpose it is needed. Armed you need to install the piston cuff, of course, in some cases, it may happen, when some part of the piston remains at the rear cuff, and this leads to the impossibility of using the full amount of power. As you could already understand, this is a really negative factor for that air rifle was able to fire shots, you need to fix this disadvantage.

Now let’s move on to the modernization of the rifle Mr-512. Specialists have already managed to find a detailed solution to this problem, but rather this issue is resolved by push a certain distance of the trigger pads. As you could understand pushed the system back. Now is the time to discuss how far you move the block. We have begun upgrading the particular model of pneumatic pads, so a solution to you. In order to determine the required distance, you’ll need first to consider carefully what position is the pad of the trigger, it is set in a special position flush. Fixation using the cross pin, but in modern rifles it is a direct axis with the trigger. When you start adjusting the pads, then you will be able to notice that it extends and you will need to nominate her for such a distance to achieving a transfer, and only after this it is necessary to anchor the CCM directly in the cylinder.

Let us give a few points why is this tuning an air rifle, and what consequences can occur if the wrong upgrade. So, first the biggest change is the increase in the total volume of compressed air, respectively, along with this increases the strength of the shot. The second change is also important, so that when the piston receives a higher speed, he will be able to accelerate much faster, then you may find that increasing the inertial capabilities, you can increase the compression force, this happens as you could understand between the piston of the air at the end point of the stroke. Such occurs only at the time of braking of the piston, respectively, in the compressor forms a small air cushion, which is installed on one side, but this reduces the total force on a stretched spring. Like are able to ensure the longevity of the air rifle as the standard design there are shortcomings, about which we wrote above. However, if you will conduct quality improvement air rifle, thus you will not forget any, even the smallest nuances, then eventually you will be able to get a really high quality rifle with improved characteristics. If you have never had to disassemble the rifle or do to deal with the technical part of the business, then we recommend you to consult the experts.

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