How to understand the labelling and correctly to pick up bullets

The main difference between live ammo and ammunition for hunting and sporting events is an exception in them cores solid type. This restriction has profound meaning, because the cartridge while hunting a hunter is shooting at one target that has no defense. Defies representation, which only the troubles would be able to bring the ball that passes through the wild beast and ricocheted rocks or near trees.

Before you visit a sales point for selling hunting supplies you need to decide what type of bullet will be used in the hunt. After all, hunting, hunting hatred for moose, is not suitable for foxes. What are the requirements for the cartridge –quick stop in the body of a wild beast, or the maximum accuracy of fire at a certain distance? The presence of bullets in the cartridge best suited to your requirements? All this can be learned, carefully examining the marking of the cartridge, and if you are fully confident in the size, type of bullets, things are much more difficult, because according to the rules of the international marking, we applied the English language.

In our world long since adopted a common marking of weapons for hunting, sporting events, as well as cartridges and bullets for them. The majority of hunters used bullets with the following markings: FMJ, FPJ and HP.

FMJ – FullMetalJacket. In English it sounds so – «balls with full metal shell MZ». Otherwise, the Russian hunters call it – a bullet with a full metal shell type. This bullet found its large application, such as when maintaining hunting and in sporting competitions. By design, it consists of two elements, a shell of soft metal (red brass or Nickel silver), and a core made of lead. FMJ is a classic profile of a bullet, and consists of three parts – an arched leading and a tail, the tip of the bullet hole is provided. The core of the lead does not go beyond the shell, and the tail area may have a bend or without it. These balls are the best option for hunting bears, moose and wild boars, because a very good punch of the beast and remain in it.

How to understand the labelling and correctly to pick up bullets

FPJ – Full Profile Jacket.The translation of the name means balls – «ball’s full profile shell.» Technology of production of balls of this type allows to obtain a product, the core of which are covered with a sheath. For this reason, the powder gases do not come into contact with lead core, and thereby prevents the release of fumes that are harmful to the human body. This is especially important when firing in enclosed spaces (shooting in shooting galleries). For the most part, these chucks are used for aimed fire of the guns. Industry the type of bullets releases, although there were attempts in the production of bullets with application of bimetal in the tail area of the ball. The widespread demand for these balls is not received, and the type of FPJ they don’t really fit.

HP is a HollowPoint. The literal translation is «Bullet with a hollow (empty) inside tip». This type of bullets is quite popular with hunters, because of its high efficiency in the conduct of hunting. By design, the hollow tip may have different shapes: conical, cylindrical, parabolic with different types of voids inside it, thereby achieving a high lethal effect. It is based on the increase of the diameter of the ball twice at the goal. To achieve a high degree of expansiveness of the bullet, its ogive portion has cuts along the axis of the shell.

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