How to transport guns for hunting in Russia and abroad

To carry firearms, pneumatic, cold, gas guns, and ammunition is strictly prohibited in the passenger cabin of air transport. But in the Luggage compartment you can even carry a grenade launcher, with the appropriate documents and permits. Recklessly abandoned the knives in your hand Luggage can be qualified as a tourist and transported in unlimited quantities. This only applies to knives with flexible blade, but if the knife design is quite rigid and can be used to cause serious injury to a person, it belongs to the category of knives and appropriated for carrying out the corresponding examination.

To avoid such inspection, you must provide a certificate of a knife, which specifies its characteristics, the model and the mark that this product does not apply to melee weapons. Knives for hunting permitted in the presence of close the blade cover and only in the Luggage compartment. Take a hunting license, without providing the relevant authorized bodies such knife can be deleted.

For the carriage of firearms on domestic flights in most cases not provided for rigid control. Enough only registration in advance and to report the presence of such weapons. Weapons, non-lethal weapons and ammunition are Packed separately, they are delivered to the aircraft under spectrometre, the carriage is sealed and handed out on arrival. In the terminal building, for these purposes, designated areas and the results produced by the service representative inspection of the airport.

To arms, you must attach the authorization to transport, issued to the citizen of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of internal Affairs at the place of residence and a hunting license. Weapons may be transported in not more than 5 pieces, and the ammunition one person can carry weight up to 5 kg and not more than 400. Ammunition must be in undamaged original packaging.

For the export of weapons abroad, you must fill out a Declaration about its presence in the customs service of the airport. After the withdrawal of the packaged and sealed weapons in baggage and the owner of the house foreign airport. You should also grant permission to transport issued by the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and the import permit in another country. Also need to have an invitation to hunt in a foreign country.

Paying for the ticket using electronic systems, be sure to specify the availability of weapons for transportation, it is possible to considerably reduce the time for inspection and filling of all necessary documents.

For transport by train, no need to overcome a lot of red tape with registration. Just enough to pack a disassembled gun, ammunition and safely go to your destination. To report the presence of weapons in the Luggage, but not necessarily. Usually few people pay attention. When crossing state borders must have a permit for the import-export and hunting permit, for a specified model.

All sharps are available for carriage only in baggage compartment, gas and aerosol cans, and ammunition for gas weapon to be transported is strictly prohibited. For the export of the rare weapons needed authorizing certificate issued by an authorised person of Department of the Ministry of culture on preservation of cultural values. Weapons from the Museum Fund of the Russian Federation must be certified with license plates.

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