How to successfully hunt the hare in winter

The hare is a trophy most hunters. These animals are not dangerous as wolves, foxes, or wild boars, and almost always edible. However, to find the hare, especially in winter months – not an easy task. In some places, their usual habitat, they managed to destroy predators, and some of them are not due to the lack of food. This is the whole feature of the winter hunting the hare. In the summer months is full of them in the ordinary places of residence, and the winter is impossible to detect even traces of these animals. And so, for more successful hunting in winter, hunters often use the method of luring rabbits, pre-selected prilosec. Thus, it is possible to make them too frequent guests in the place chosen by hunters.

Of course the most popular, the hunting of the hare in winter, is among those hunters who have experience and can accurately read the trail of this animal. In the winter months, when the streets are snow and frosts, hunt hares may represent the only available method of hunting for many.

How to successfully hunt the hare in winter

To this winter means the hunt for these small denizens of the forest, crossing only after the formation of a stable snow cover. Sometimes, subject to the loss of early snowfall, hunters have a chance to petropit hares during chemotroph, long before the moment when I will have time to set real snow. The principle of such hunting is that the hunter finds rabbit trail, dogs on the beast and shooting at runs away frightened the beast. For a trace of the hunt, of great importance is the condition of the snow. Most experienced hunters appreciate the so-called print powder, on which is stored a complete imprint of the foot of a hare, down to the claw. Powder, which remains on the ground in a quiet and frosty weather, is the best indicator of the hare trail.

Wise to go hunting after a snowfall. Not a bad option would be hunting, after the evening snowfall which will allow you to track the hare by nabahani per night tracks. Therefore, hunting is best collected after a snowfall, which managed to end until the night or even until morning. Quick powder or a mild snowstorm, theoretically stored until the time of the arrival of the hunters, only the most recent and short-Maliki, which is easiest to hunt down the hare. And deceptive traces that confuse the hunter to be covered. Thus, we can conclude that the place of maturation of a hare nearby, and further the success of the event will depend on the care and skill of the hunter.

If the snowfall stops, just until the morning, and falls asleep all the possible signs of any life birds, to find a trace of the animal can only be by happy accident. Hunters call this phenomenon «dead powder». And even if under some shelter, for example, beneath the feet of spruce, remains one of the breaks should be, that indicates that rabbit somewhere close by, it will be very difficult to surprise. After the evening long the newly-fallen snow better come out fat in typical locations where feeds Whitey. But try not to be offended by the very first traces that will likely lead to the same. After carefully studying the traces on the trampled area, you can choose the one trail that with maximum probability will lead to the place lying down. Choosing a footprint of an animal, very important in its freshness and correctness. Defining the eye of the freshness of the track, it is worth remembering that it always seems neater and yesterday. The old trail will have broader dimensions and will probably be covered with snow, which took place the day before. The edges and bottom of the track has already managed to cover a pickaxe, which can be quite easy to test by hand.

Experienced hunter who during his hunting career had been looking for traces of many birds, know they have their own individual characteristics. Depending on the time and characteristics of the animal, the traces may have different sizes and depth, the distance that remains between the traces, the possible manner of the hare to move and bring forward one or the other front paw, etc. During the night the hare can look in several places bills each leave characteristic traces. Often, such places attract whole flocks of these animals, which not only take food on the ground such gatherings, but you can go for a short workout, making a large and broad jumps.

At the beginning of the winter, until the formation of a stable snow cover, rabbits can easily change the place of residence and utility bills. Such approximate versions, which can calculate the hare in the continuation of the winter season.

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